Monday, January 26, 2009

My Challenge Continues

Well, it's been a crazy couple weeks since I posted about "Challenging Myself." I almost could have predicted it, but as soon as I posted my lofty hopes for regaining a sense of routine and re-structuring my days to improve my physical health things took a nose-dive around here! Today, I'm happy to report that all big and little gang members are on the mend. Baby BlueEyes has a check up in an hour or so because I'm finally getting around to admitting that his lingering cold and cough is likely a sinus infection. But he's in great spirits and I'm actually typing and posting this in live time while he plays with Li'l Empress. Miracle of miracles, I have free hands at 11:30 in the morning!!!!

So, here's the update on my challenge:
  • The first week of journaling just. Did. NOT. happen. The second week was much better. The biggest trouble I have is creating great meals and then trying to figure out how they stack up with nutritional values. I'm thinking of having The Boss give me a crash course in the counting and journaling he does to manage his diabetes. That would have the added benefit of both of us working the same "program." I have to think on this one, though. In the meantime, I'll be pulling out my stash of W*$ght W@tch*rs recipes and formulating a menu and shopping list from those.
  • I am being very successful to limiting myself to one mug of coffee with creamer each day. (Please don't remind me just how big those mugs are!) I'm finding on a daily basis that I rarely finish that one mug before lunch. I'm trying to train myself to choose my smaller mugs AND choose water when I'm feeling thirsty. I must admit, the water portion of the challenge has been going dismally. I hate drinking water in this cold weather, and I'm not a big fan of tea as of late. I must improve this area - my skin is feeling the pinch.
  • Heading to bed around 10 p.m. has been much easier to conquer than I'd imagined. No doubt it's because The Boss and I finally agreed to try a DVR package with our local cable provider. He called and wrangled a great introductory deal and we finally gave our fizzled, frazzled VCR the heave-ho. Now we can enjoy shows when we are ready, skip commercials, and save our faves for quiet nights when everyone is tucked in. The other night, I was actually in bed at 9:40!!!!!
So, this week, here's my goals:
  1. Continue to journal, measure, and mind all I eat and drink.
  2. Increase the water intake. Period. I just have to do it.
  3. Continue to head to bed by 10.
  4. Increase my fruits and vegetables daily. It's embarrassing how few of them I eat this time of year!
In order to accomplish these, I am brainstorming some other changes to our daily and weekly routines. That's a whole 'nother post, brewing as I type. Additionally, I'm beginning to look around for some exercise options that will allow me to enjoy working out AND not have to spend a ton of time or money. I'm like Natalie in my quest for variety. Except, if I can't have variety, I settle happily for community which is why I loved Curves. The budget constraints of that option are forcing me to be creative. Also another post entirely!

So, how are you doing? What challenges are you offering yourself this week?


Deborah said...

I'm with you! Drinking the water is oh so difficult in the cold weather. My fruit and veggie intake is also abysmal.

As for the exercise, well, I have three great DVD's but they're still simply hogging shelf space...

Just think spring is now around the corner. It can only get better. You can do it!

TCC said...

I think water is difficult for me too during the cold months.

Keep it up though because you are doing great!

pups n horses said...


Put the baby in the carriage and go for a nice walk. She will love it and so will you. If the cold is too much for you head over to the mall and just walk and walk. Yes drink lots of water but also balance it with good meals. Who da thunk I would be talking like this. LOL Its about determination....and to do that you just have to do it - no excuses -- just do it. Ok I am ducking now........LOL If I can get up at zero dark thirty so can the rest of the world.....hey was that a shoe buzzing across my head. Lots of Love coming your way!!

The Gang's Momma said...

Please excuse my delirious friend Pups N Horses. She's hallucinating and hasn't been herself for the past four weeks. In about 4 more weeks, she will be normal again and no longer spouting such nonsense about zero dark thirty and determination and just do it. Humph. What utter insanity.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

That sounds like a good start. You did well in some areas and know where you need to improve. Bravo!

Kateri said...

Two things....You are going to LOVE your DVR. We don't watch anything in "real time." Even when we talked about cutting off the internet to save some funds for a while, no one suggested turning in the DVR. LOVE IT!
Ok, and call me crazy but what about a long term investment in a Wii? I know, I're anti-video games or something. But it's so different and so much fun to do the Wii Fit as a family. The kids come away with aching muscles and sweaty foreheads. Imagine what it could do for you??!!

Aus said...

Morning - well first off - congratulations on what you HAVE accomplished - remember that it took a lifetime to get where you are, why would you expect change in a couple weeks?

You already have the Wii Fit suggestion - that really isn't a bad idea in particular this time of year.

Water - keep a bottle handy in the car - yes - drinking and driving in this case is not a bad idea! It also helps get something out of the slack time!

And if you really are 'skipping meals' like I do - meal bars. Available at health food stores or on line - pack an entire BALANCED meal into a candy bar sized snack - you need to feed the furnace.

Finally - and this will sound really weird to you - get a boxing bag - a heavy one to hang in the basement. Boxing is a 'core workout' - cardio and strength building. Don't worry about 'form' just go punch and kick for 20 minutes 3X a week and you'll be fit in 4 or 5 months (and with what you save a curves you'll pay for the bag in no time!

Better than 0 dark 30!

hugs aus and co.

Rachel said...

Drinking water in the winter is so hard for me and I am a big coffee drinker. I have just started to cut back on my coffee as well. Then the rest of the day I drink hot green tea. I was never a tea drinker but I am getting use to it.

As for exercising - I am a big believer of Pilates. I have been doing pilates for 5 years now and it is only 20 minutes a day and something the kids can do with you. Winsor Pilates - you can buy on Ebay - Good Luck

Carol said...

Hate water but push myself.....I have been coffee crazy lately....need to cut nerves are frazzled!!!

I have to diet....I hate to got on me again about my weight.....sigh........

PS I LOVE 2 Piggy DAY!!!!!

julie said...

I hear you on the meal planning. I really need to get back to being better about that.

I'm not a big water drinker either, I'm with you, I like my coffee and creamer. Did you ever watch Gilmore girls? Do you remember those HUGE mugs they used at Luke's for coffee. They were the size of soup bowls. I was kind of wondering where I could find me one of those. lol.