Saturday, January 17, 2009

Someone Thinks I'm Fabulous

(Hang in there, this is a bit long-ish. You'll forgive me, tho, when you see the gifts I've given you in the following post . . . )

Other than Baby BlueEyes, who regularly grosses out his brothers by telling me how beautiful and wonderful I am, I don't hear a lot of "Wow, you're fabulous!" The big brothers call what BBE does "sucking up." I call it brutal honesty and unabashed adoration. And I like it that way. I mean, come on. Someone around here has to say it like it is! (said cheekily)

I was happily surprised this morning when I sat down to catch up on my blog-reading. I've been occupied with all manner of germs, viruses, and bacteria, and the de-contaminating and disinfecting of such things for the past week. Blog reading, while a beloved past time, took a distant second or third to restoring order and obsessive-compulsive cleanliness and routine to my home. Yeah, I have issues. We've covered that already, I believe.

So, back to the surprise. My bloggy friend over at Salzwedel Family Adventures granted me this nifty award. It was a pleasant little boost to my morning. Which, coincidentally is already almost perfect: we're all still in our jammies, in one room, and peace and contentment reigns. There's not a tissue in sight, dirty or otherwise. Sigh.

I'm passing on this award to several that I read frequently. I have one more particularly in mind, but since it's a private blog, I shall respect that. Just know that it is my top pick for this lovely recognition.

Five Fabulous Blogs You Should Read:
  1. Created and Called - this blog is a collaborative effort of several gals who keep it real, and keep their sense of humor while they do it. Always interesting, almost always informative (even if it's completely useless and trivial information that just tickles my fancy), it also helps me stay connected to a great group of gals with whom I have "grown up" into the fabulous Mommy and blogger I am today. (again, said cheekily!)
  2. Mississippi Zen - I "met" this Southern adoptive-mom friend through a special needs forum I joined last year during our journey to Li'l Empress. She is creative, buoyant of spirit, and a faithful prayer warrior who advocated VIGOROUSLY for adoption. I linked to this particular post because it's one of the biggest things I love about her blog. And even if you are not even remotely interested in international adoption, you must go by and see her photography. OH MY GOODNESS. Her skills, her subjects, and her perspective amaze me.
  3. The Harrells - the first adoption blog that I ever read was the one captured me immediately. Elissa alternates with ease between hilarious self-deprecating humor and lovely, heartfelt adoration for the little miracle known as Lily. I particularly love her political blurts that get regularly injected into her conversations about her every day life. Yes, she just blurts them out. And while I laugh all the way through them, I also agree most of the time with her summaries! An added bonus? Her brother works on the road crew for Blake Shelton. Yes, I've mentioned it before. Yes, I'm obsessed with the idea of it. And yes, he's worthy of one of my celebrity crushes. Which, incidentally might be making a return to my musings soon. I'm just sayin' . . . .
  4. Callapidder Days - I can't remember how or where I found this little nugget, but I really must insist that you head over there now. Chock full of great book reviews, thoughtful insights on parenting toddlers and pre-schoolers, and honest evaluation of her journey of faith, Katrina has the added plus of being a really gifted writer. Her style is stream-lined, yet conversational. Intelligent but accessible. Honest but hopeful. I haven't been there in while, what with all the changing and adjusting and cleaning and disinfecting I've been caught up in for the last, oh 4 months!, but I love settling in with a mug of coffee and reading a bunch of her posts at once. It's a little treat to me, those piles of posts that I hoard in my reader and save for a cozy morning.
  5. Little Cabin In The Woods - the link for this blog was sent to me by my sister-in-law, primarily because she found it interesting that they homeschool AND they have adopted three gorgeous girls from China. I go back, again and again, (even when she hasn't updated recently) if for no other reason than her amazing photography. Yes, her daughters are gorgeous. Yes, her simple, pared-down lifestyle is immensely appealing. Yes, her steadfast and pure faith is challenging and inspiring. But her photography? I swear, I could cover the walls of my home with the amazing landscapes and breathtaking portraits. I have the added benefit of getting to "know" her via email and have so appreciated the support and resource she has been in our journey to Li'l Empress. You really want help with packing lists from a woman who has been to China and back three times!
So, before you head over to peruse these little gifts I've bestowed today, the second half of this fabulousness award is to share with you some of my addictions. Truth be told, I'm sure in my obsessive-compulsive bent I have more than five, but I'll limit myself for your sake. I'm sure your bum is getting numb by now. (Hee hee, I made a funny. And it rhymed!)

Five Things To Which I Am Addicted:
  1. I am completely committed to averting dangling participles whenever I possibly can. I have been known to labor over a sentence, here and in other writing venues, for ridiculously long periods of time, while crafting the perfect way to avoid "which's" and "of's" dangling precariously in space.
  2. I love coffee. Strong, rich dark coffee, perfectly flavored with Nestle's Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer. 'Nuff said. You have all suffered enough with my rantings and ravings on this topic.
  3. I must hear my children's laughter at least once a day. Or the day seems dreary, dark and dull. Multiple times a day, and the world is sunny and bright once more.
  4. Good, meaningful, conversation. I recognize that those adjectives are in the eyes of the beholder, so to speak. But I don't enjoy small talk for long. I prefer diving in, rooting out emotion and thought, and wallowing in it. It exhausts The Boss, I'm sure, this little addiction of mine.
  5. Country Music. Please, no judgment. This is my blog, my addiction. I love me some Keith Urban or Little Big Town at full volume, cruisin' down the road in my big ole mini-van. Give me some Tim McGraw or Dierks Bentley in the background and watch me go. I'll stop now. I will spare you. That is another of my gifts to you. ** Edited - I don't know what came over me. I originally typed Dierks Benedict. "What Was I THINKIN'?!" Thanks, sis! :) :) :)
Okay, you are free. Go now. Explore the blogs I've listed here. You're welcome. It was my pleasure.


Rascal's humans said...

Dierks bentley! Benedict? who's that?

Elissa said...

Yay, you made my weekend! And that's hard to do with the lazy food and family-filled weekend I'm having!

Look for a cool announcement about Blake's tour next week. It may be coming to a town near you... and I know people. I'm just saying.

Patricia said...

Congrats on your award and ...I am honored you passed it on to me.;o) Such compliments!
Oh, I too love that creamer... shhhh.

Deborah said...

Oh I love Little Cabin in the Woods too! Her blog is so inspiring in sooo many ways!

Good to read that everyone is well again! I am enjoying "catching up" with you.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Aus said...

Cudos's - the award is well earned! I'm also pleased to report that we 'share' a couple blogs in common - there is probably a 'hummm' in there somewhere! Oh - and I'll actually get up a little early just so I can have my quiet, coffee, and blogs....but if God wanted you to have milk in coffee....well let's just say that Juan wouldn't be growing it! :) - hugs - aus and co.

Heidi @ GGIP said...


Katrina said...

Okay, you totally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for award and for your incredibly sweet words!

And I'm completely with you on the kids' laughter -- what a difference it makes in each day!

Jessica said...

First of all, I love country music too. Sugarland is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the blogs to, I am always looking for new blogs to check out.

joymweaver said...

Here is another blog you should check out:
It is by Angie Smith whose husband Todd is in the Christian group Selah.

MississippiZen said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what??? Your post brought in the last sponsor for Millie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful gift for her!!!

I am honored to be honored by you :)


Cindi Campbell said...

Yes! I love Little Cabin in the Woods too. We are battleing sickness too. Thank the Lord's not me this time and it's not RSV.