Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here's the Run Down

It hasn't been pretty here. I can almost see the germs and bacteria ducking and hiding behind every piece of furniture and peeking out to taunt me from between the cushions on the couches. It's only mid-January. Here's what The Gang has been tackling since New Year's holiday, by the numbers:
  • two cases of strep
  • two old-fashioned flu bugs
  • one run to the ER
  • one case of constipation
  • one case of lower back strain
  • one lingering nasty cold
  • one sinus infection
  • one stomach "something"
That doesn't include Baby BlueEyes' case of strep before Christmas OR the return of some of Li'l Empress's sleep-thru-the-night issues since the kids started school again.

I'm back on my feet today, treading lightly and gingerly (I had the stomach "something") and feeling the need to disinfect everything in sight. It'll take herculean effort not to start today, but given that my arms and legs feel like wet noodles, I'll settle for washing my hands and my counters obssessively instead. The two older boys are home one more day, as the flu followed by strep really wiped out their energy levels. By the weekend, my hope is that we all are back on our feet and well on our way to a cleaner, more germ-free house. If the temps break 35 anytime soon, I might even open a bunch of windows for a few minutes. It feels like a sick bay around here.

So, pray for The Gang, will ya? I have a mountain of mail and email and phone calls to return. I have appointments to reschedule and school catch up to oversee. And now? Well, I'm heading back to the couch. I just exhausted myself again.


Salzwedel Family said...

Praying for the Gang! Sounds like you guys have been through the wringer. Take it easy and get the rest you need to feel better.

Livin' Life said...

I will be praying for you guys. It has been rough around your parts. Sending our love!!!

ComfyDenim said...

Sweetie - My goodness!!
Jesus come and fill that house! Clean it good and proper.
It's always the way here - where I'll go through and spray everything down with Lyesol and wash everything and pray and pray.

Get to feeling better FAST!!

TCKK said...

Hope you are coming to the end of all the sickness in your home. Get well quickly!

Kimberly said...

Talk about run down! Y'all have had it all-- at least in the area of sickness. I'm praying that the plague will leave your household soon and that you and the rest of the Gang are feeling much better soon!!

Aus said...

And on top of all the challanges you just made for yourself - 'oh the joy'!! Praying for you and the gang - yeah - open the windows and fire up the furnace to make up the difference.

hugs - aus and co.

Jessica said...

Praying for you all. Megan was sick with vomiting since Sunday and I had something with my stomach last week. There is a lot going around. Hope you all get better soon. When all is better call me or e-mail me so we can get together.

Natalie said...

my oh my! take it easy and get better. maybe just open the window for a minutes this weekend and let the cold deep freeze those germs right out of your house.