Monday, November 5, 2007

Whew! What a Weekend!

This was a fun and busy weekend in the Gang's household. After months and months of meetings, planning, organizing and creating, our local elementary Home And School Association hosted its first annual Basket Auction fund raiser. I was on the planning team and played a minor role in the final product, so I'm very proud of all that we accomplished. The goal of the event was to raise enough money to eliminate some of our older, worn-out fund raisers. I think we did that, in spades. Final numbers won't be out for a week or so, but it's looking promising.

Saturday morning was spent moving donated "baskets" full of goodies from the chairwoman's home to the hall and setting up tables, displays, check-out stations, food stations, and so on. I had to scoot out early to help The Boss with a big project at home. Boy, am I glad I came home when I did! He moved our tv from one side of the fireplace to the other, with all the wiring, cables, and such that go along with that. In doing so, we also moved our stereo, all the furniture, tables and lamps. And while the shelves above the built-ins were accessible, I dusted and re-arranged all our "pretties," too. I was so tempted to stay at the hall and keep plugging through with the rest of the set up team, but I knew The Boss was going to delve into something big. I didn't want it to become an all-weekend type project, so it's good that I showed up to help him. The afternoon was fun; working with The Boss on any home project is one of my favorite ways to spend time. The kids were in and out, playing with Favorite Neighbor Girl and enjoying the sunshine.

The evening at the auction was a blast. We went with Favorite Neighbors and bid on some raffle baskets, ate dinner, chatted and visited with other school parents and enjoyed the night out. The Live Auction at the end was pretty late but well worth staying for! The bidding over a signed National League MVP ball was intense - quiet and purposeful, but intense. We had a few teachers donate fun "day experiences" with the kids and the bidding was fast and furious for most of them. The "movie date" with the librarian was hilarious to watch, the parents were so intent on winning. One of the days (a pool party for a family at the gym teachers' home) went for $400! And to our surprise, the auctioneer made (pre-arranged) deals with the next highest bidders to throw in additional, identical days for the same price - and they all sold! Huge thanks to the teachers who all are giving so generously of their time with our kids - all for the sake of keeping our school moving forward and being the best it can be. The whole night, my mental wheels were turning: looking for ideas and ways to improve upon this year's event for next year. I know, that's sort of sad. I couldn't just sit and have fun, although I did do that. I am already looking ahead! No wonder it took me almost 2 hours to wind down and fall asleep when we stumbled in after 11:30.

Sunday was spent hanging out with The Gang and the nieces and nephew. They played outside so nicely together, but every time I started to doze off on the couch, one of the 7 of them came barging in for something! Finally, I gave up and read for a while. We had a church meeting later and then I finally got to fall asleep on the couch, while The Boss watched the very disappointing loss of the Eagles to the Cowboys. Normally I care very much about seeing the Eagles trounce dem Cowboys, but last night I couldn't muster the energy. Whew! What a Weekend!


Jessica said...

That sounds like a really busy weekend. It sounds like a lot my weekend. The auction sounds like a lot of fun.

I helped plan the Quakertown Christian School auction one year when I worked there and let me tell you, it is a lot of work.

Episode One said...

sounds like you had a packed weekend.....can't wait to see what this week brings for you guys....