Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Again!

Okay, so I'm sitting at my father-in-law's desk in the mountains of VA, feeling terrible about waiting this long to post for Li'l Sis's birthday. The last two days have been a flurry of holiday preparations, packing, and catching up on my household. Being sick for 10+ days is a great way to see just how many things can mysteriously pile up on counters, in corners, and in the laundry room. I swear to you I had no idea we had that much STUFF. Now that I'm away from it all and can clear my mind, I am already plotting which rooms and closets to tackle first when we return home. How sick is that?! While I'm sitting here with a rested mind and a very full tummy, I want to share with you what I love most about Li'l Sis - to honor her on her birthday.

Li'l Sis is a beautiful woman. Physically, she is a very attractive girl. She has always received compliments about her beautiful eyes and her pretty face. What makes her beautiful to me is so much deeper than that. Her beauty lies in her purity of spirit and her depth of character. She believes strongly in the virtues of honesty, integrity and compassion. She works hard to instill these things in her children and the junior highers of our church family. She believes whole-heartedly in a radical faith lived out in a tangible and practical manner. It shows in her convictions and her teachability of spirit. Li'l Sis is a great example to me of a Proverbs 31 woman: she is frugal, industrious, diligent and energetic. She is intentional in her marriage, in her parenting and in her friendships. She is loyal and faithful to those she loves. She has incredible wisdom for a woman as young as she is - after all, she's the first one that told me The Boss was a keeper! She is fun and funny, laid-back and easy to be with. Beside The Boss, I love hanging out with her, just relaxing and chatting. Throw in a shopping trip to Kohls with coupons and it's the perfect night as far as I'm concerned!

Best of all, Li'l Sis is a wonderful sister. Through all the years we were growing up together, I remember her always being there supporting the rest of us siblings. Encouraging us. And as my younger brother can testify, fighting for us! I always loved that she never let anyone pick on him, even if he was wrong. She stuck up for what she believed in, and she believed in family. No matter the hard times I have gone through, I have always known that I could count on her for love, support and loyalty. I knew she'd tell it to me straight, but that she'd do it in love and she's still doing that today. She is real in her compassion over my struggles, but she carries a mantle of wisdom and authority about her that reminds me that it doesn't have to be like that and that I can make it through. I love that idealistic spirit - I especially love watching her pass it on to her kids, my kids, and the families that she and Pastor Brother-In-Law minister to every day. She is certain that God's best for YOU can be accomplished here and now.

Li'l Sis represents the best of both of my parents. She has taken the wonderful godly traits that they both carry and allowed the Lord to steep them into her spirit. She honors the Lord and my folks with the way she lives her marriage, parents her kids, ministers to her family, and works in her local church. Some of you are blessed to call her friend. Some of you get the benefit of calling her your pastor's wife. I am the most blessed of all: I call her my sister!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words. I love you too and appreciate you too! Hope your day is great and marked by a thankful heart (and lots of FOOD!)
Lil Sis


We were also in the mountains of Va. E-mail me and let me know where you where.

Sounds like every one had a great turkey day. We also had birthdays this month.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Lovely post.