Friday, November 9, 2007

Favorites Friday

As promised, today's favorites are the sites and links I check regularly. Because we are in the waiting process of an international adoption, my "regulars" may look different than other stay-at-home, home schooling mommies. I hope that translates to something different and new, maybe even fun! for you. I try to limit the amount of time I spend surfing any sites on a daily basis - we all know how it can just "suck you in!" to wasting a whole morning over a cold cup of coffee while PBS blares endlessly in the background. No? Well, maybe it's just my house! But when I do check these sites, it's mostly a quick stop to see what's new in recent days.

  • TLC; HGTV; DIY; Good Housekeeping; Foodnetwork, etc. - I surf these sites several times a week. I follow up on information from shows I caught while folding laundry or ideas for decorating, saving money or organizing my home. It's especially useful to check these sites when I can't sit through a whole show but am really interested in specific segments. I also love to enter the sweepstakes - as long as I'm there :)
  • - I love this site! I love the feature to search for a recipe by ingredients, I love the readers' ratings, and I love that almost every time I go there I find something new I want to try out on my family. It's gotten me out of a rut many times, when I just can't face another boring meal of chicken, cream soup and mixed veggies thrown together the same way.
  • Dayspring - I'm a card sender, a note writer, and a "word-y" (you know, like a "foodie!"). So when I found the free e-card page here, I was thrilled. I've thoroughly enjoyed the technology that allows me to jet a thoughtful hello with some cute pics and music to a friend that the Lord brings to my mind. I have also surfed the other popular card companies' sites, but still come back to this one most of the time.
  • ChinaAdoptTalk - well-known in international adoption circles, "The Rumor Queen" runs this site to track rumors and time lines for families in the process of adoptions from China. There is a ton of helpful information on this site and I've learned a lot about the inner workings of various agencies, including the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA). I do have to limit the amount of time I spend here, as they are still rumors and emotions can often run very high among forum members and commenters to her blog. And I try to check in to our agency's site (Living Hope Adoption Agency) if for no other reason than to take some cheer and encouragement from the adorable faces on its different pages!
  • My local ABC affiliate - I love current events but I often don't have time to sit and watch each story that catches my eye. So I check here first when I hear about local happenings or news flashes that may affect our family or our community. I also love my local ABC station because David Boreanaz's dad is our afternoon weather guy, Dave Roberts. I can totally see where David gets his acting charm and that "camera loves him" smile. And yes, I am completely aware that this connection has nothing to do with real news or being more informed. Just another little quirk of mine. Look for yourself: aren't their smiles remarkably similar?!
I didn't hear from very many of you regarding your favorite new sites, so hopefully this time around you all will share with me some "oldies but goodies" that you love. And yes, that was another shameless plug :)

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