Monday, November 12, 2007

Great Start to the Week!

Imagine my joy! First, I get to start my week slowly and quietly at home with Baby Blue Eyes and my cousin, S. Then, the pinnacle. The joy. The perfect start to a quiet, peaceful Monday morning.

They talked about Philly, about his dad's weather gig on Action 6, about his adorable little boy, and of course, about Bones. There was a clip of an upcoming episode. Oooooh, I love that show. The dialogue, the intrigue, the science. Well, I could do with out the cutting and the dismembered body parts. But I do love that show. If you don't watch it, you really ought to give it a try. But be warned, you'll get hooked. It's simply one of the greatest crime shows out there. A perfect balance of levity, snappy dialogue and serious crime. Intelligent crimes, none of that thug knocking other thugs off stuff. Smart stuff. Really! There was a passing mention of a new movie coming soon, filmed here in the greater Philly region. I know I didn't miss the title or the date of the movie, as I was glued to my seat and the volume was as loud as BBE would tolerate it. So, now I must google it and see what to expect and when I can expect it.

But that was a great start to the week. I may as well not watch any more morning television all week. They can't top that. That was the perfect Monday morning kick-off. Especially on the heels of the news and other important updates and features by Matt (Lauer, of course!). Really, the week is off to a grand start!


Jessica said...

you are too cute. I never watched Bones, but I love Law and Order. I really need to get my cable back. Any ideas? HA HA HA

I feel so lost without it.

I am glad you had a great morning.

Episode One said...

I miss you, Lady T. When can we meet up again? I miss our chats and right now I'm so lost on so many issues that I could use your big sister advice and wisdom....