Monday, June 25, 2007

A Perfect Date With LadyBug

Today I took my little LadyBug to Sears for her (belated!) 8 year old birthday picture and a girlie date at the mall. She asked me to curl her hair in a cute little flip-out and wore a sweet summer dress and her new "high heels." Her pictures turned out fabulous (shout out to our very own Miss Marie!!) and we had a ball strolling through the mall, talking and looking at all kinds of stuff. She helped me find a new bathing suit, which was a fairly painless process this year. She has excellent taste and is heartbreakingly sweet while being honest in her evaluations! Then we searched high and low for the perfect stuffed animal, played a while in the Disney store, and she even let me spend some time in my favorite store, Christopher and Banks. I scored big there: bermuda shorts for $5, capris, and two tops - all for only $2 over my Christmas gift card. (Yes, that's my miser instinct of holding on to gift cards again!!)

Then we headed off to Macaroni Grille for a late lunch together. We played the favorites game, giggling back and forth about the things we both loved and the things that were different in our tastes. We're more alike than different in most of the areas that this particular game covered, so we were laughing over how often we said the same thing. Then our waitress offered us the dessert menu. I was going to say no, trying to be cautious about the bottom line and my waist line (after all, my new bathing suit doesn't have the adjustable waistbands!); but LadyBug wheedled and giggled and said, "Mommy, it is my birthday date?!" Well, off the waitress went. I thought she was letting us decide. But no siree! A minute later, she came back with their chocolate ganache-frosted cake with a pretty little candle in the middle and a co-worker at her side. Before LadyBug could blow out the candle, the co-worker sang Happy Birthday in beautiful opera style Italian! LadyBug was a hundred shades of pink, and couldn't stop smiling. I gotta admit, I got a little misty. And forgot about the $6 that cake would add to my bill.

And wouldn't you know it: after the cake was DEVOURED (by both of us, I know, I'm so weak!) the bill came and the beautiful cake was free. So I gave the waitress the $6 I'd already resigned myself to pay and thanked the Lord for the joy and the beauty of A Perfect Date With LadyBug!


Les said...

So sweet. I'm glad you two had fun.

Melissa said...

What a great Mommy/Daughter date to celebrate! I love days like this with my girlies!

I can hardly believe Ladybug and #2 are turning 8 this summer...what happened to those tiny toddlers with their hair in pigtails?

Krazy Klingers said...

I love those days... I am 27 and my mom and I still have those days. I can't wait to have them with my Laney Bug(she's only 1 so we can't really play the favorites game yet). Mr. Clean says, "Hi"

CampHillGirl said...

Sounds so fun (and a relief after the hecticness of your previous post). And what mom doesn't share the birthday desserts?

Classic MaMa said...

How beautiful! Nice that you were able to spend time just with her.

Jim & Natalie said...

Happy Birthday, Lady Bug. My mom said we can come visit you this summer!

Love, Sparkle