Friday, June 29, 2007

"No Sweat Girl," No More!

When I was a kid, my Dad affectionately referred to me as his "No Sweat Girl." When I was young, I chafed at this label. I didn't like that it sounded like I was lazy. I didn't want that identity. But there was a lot of truth to the nickname: I really didn't like to sweat! REALLY didn't like it.

I didn't like being hot, or clammy, or uncomfortable. I detested yard work (still don't love it!) and I hated weeding the garden. I didn't like sports; running around a track in circles seemed futile to me. Watching my siblings on their various outdoor sports teams was fun, as long as I was with a friend and it wasn't blazing hot and sunny. When we went on vacation and the weather got hot and humid, as it invariably does in upstate NY in August, I was miserable. I preferred a quiet, shady spot with a breeze, a book and my dolls, or later my music and a book. And working out? Fah-gedd-a-bow-dit! I've never stuck to any workout routine, EVER! Give me some AC and a chilled glass of sweetened tea and I'm a happy camper. Better yet, throw in a suspense novel or a romantic comedy and I'm good to go.

But recently, I've discovered the addiction called Curves. In April, I was solicited to participate in a free three-week trial at my local Curves. And given that I've been struggling with the same 7 lbs. on and off since I moved to the Philly suburbs, and that I'd struggled all winter with the blues (in my case, they were blacks and grays!), and that I was starting to be really concerned about the encroaching 40's (AAAACK!), I thought I'd give it a shot. The gals in my Weight Watchers class all seemed to love it, but I was wary, as most of them are in their 50's+. But free for three weeks? Awwww, what the heck, I'll give it a chance.

Well, I am hooked. I can't say that I love all the music, but I have grown in the past 10 weeks to love the increased heart rates and the sweaty brow and the serious sucking of air. And I come home sweaty. Not just a mild, lady-like perspiration. I'm seriously sweaty, reeking and drippy. My work-out clothes (which I must admit, are actually kinda cute!) actually stink! And my t-shirts are getting sweat stains. Real sweat stains!

I'm so hooked that while I'm driving home, I'm mentally reviewing my calendar to see when I can get back there next. And a couple times a week, I actually do the circuits for an hour. AN HOUR! I know they recommend a half hour, three times a week. But I have so much fun, and I feel sooooo STINKIN' (pun fully intended!) good that I either do three full circuits or an hour. And I go 4 or 5 times a week. In ten weeks of working out, I've only worked out for the 2.5 circuits (which equals 1/2 hour) two times. I'm hooked, I tell ya, hooked!

So, now I'm the "Sweaty Girl!" And I'm proud of it. I'm proud of myself for stickin' with it and I'm proud of myself everytime I peel off my icky t-shirt and hang it to air out. I'm seeing good results, and I feel really good about myself. And if anyone has a great tip for removing sweat stains, I'm all over it!

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Jim & Natalie said...

I've been contemplating the Curves things for a long time but I need to get Junior into preschool so I'll have some time to actually go. So it looks like I can start exercising in 2009.

Congrats on becoming an exercise junkie.