Friday, June 1, 2007

Favorites Friday

Today's list of favorites comes from my all-time favorite Disney character. **Warning! :) This post is not spiritually deep, or terribly impactful on the larger world out there. But I find him incredibly uplifting and I wish more of us were like him (myself included!). So, maybe that is a bit deep!

My Five Favorite Things
  • He's orange. Orange is a happy, cheerful color!
  • He was born the same year I was - now there's an interesting bit of Disney trivia, all hidden and wrapped up in "Favorites Friday!"
  • He's energetic and upbeat and the happiest of all the friends at Pooh Corner
  • He gets to spend his days in a beautiful forest with his best friends, playing and exploring - how cool would that be?
  • He sings all the time, cheerfully and exuberantly. I love that. And he doesn't sing well, but that never stops him. I love that even more!

When my kids were much little-er, we used the Pooh's Corner friends to help them guage their attitudes. There were no Eeyores allowed to sulk or pout in the common areas of the home, and Rabbits were instructed to tone down the bossy-ness and speak more kindly. Piglets were prayed with and reminded to pray for themselves, to give over their worry to Jesus. Pooh and Tigger were okay by me. It may not have been the best model of spiritual growth, and I've never seen it in a parenting book. But it worked for us, and sometimes, we all still need the reminders. These days, when I use this "toddler tool" of years gone by, they now smile indulgently at me and move on. But they get the meaning and they adjust accordingly. And it makes us all remember fondly the early years.

So, my friends, have yourselves a Tiggerific Friday! And I wish for all of you the "spirit of Tigger" in your weekends with your families :)


CampHillGirl said...

I've always thought that someone doing personality surveys should incorporate the Pooh characters because they are all such extremes. I love how you used them with your toddlers, wish I'd thought of it!! Maybe I need to get out some Pooh books now and try to start it with Andy.

TCC said...

I so enjoy Tigger! TTFN

Thrills said...

You always have great parenting advice! Thanks for that tidbit. We may use it someday.

Classic MaMa said...

This is wonderful! I think I've been all of these critters at one time or another. I spent a lot of time as Eeyore, but I have to say, Tiggers are much more fun to be. :)

Dr. Doolittle said...

Hi Mom. I liked your blog.

Holly said...

what a great idea, tracy! i just might have to use that with my little ones! (something they can wrap their little minds around!)