Friday, June 8, 2007

Favorites Friday

We recently switched to new phone, internet and tv service - big savings for a combo plan. Ordinarily, I don't enjoy a gazillion channels to choose from. I hate feeling like I might be missing something good and I just can't watch it all at once, no matter how fast my fingers! But I was over the moon with excitement when The Boss showed me that we now get music channels. I've spent the past three weeks immersing my kids and myself in Smooth Jazz during homework hours. Now Light Classical or Singers & Standards set the mood during dinner. Big Band & Swing accompanied me to creating the world's yummiest fruit salad last weekend. And Contemporary Christian and Today's Country have rocked the house during job time, probably just cuz my kids can't wait to get the work done and escape Mom's tune-less sing-along! But when I'm alone, folding laundry or cooking dinner I indulge in my guilty little pleasure. Yup, I tune into the 80's.

Today's Favorites Friday features five of my favorite 80's groups. I couldn't pick five songs - my head is spinning with the choices. But you can guarantee, when one of these bands comes on the screen and the beat begins to drive, my granny-undies fold faster and my towels and socks do the Wave all through the family room. So far, nobody has caught me, but believe you me: I'm feelin' FOOTLOOSE!

My Favorite 80's Acts
  • Chicago - really, who's more timeless than these guys?
  • Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger" - need I say more?
  • Journey - soulful pledges of eternal faithfulness - you betcha!
  • The Police - I'll be watching YOU - mmmmmm, hmmmmm!
  • Billy Joel - the man is a genius, pure genius - decades of greatness

I could go on and on . . . and on. But for those of you who are children of the 80's - you know what I'm talkin' about. You have your favorites, that may or may not appear on this list. But for us, these guys wrote the songs that made our whole world sing. Wait, that's a Favorites for another day.

I'm off to hit Curves to the beat of more 80's dance tunes. And Robert Palmer, Taylor Dane, Rick Astley? Let's hit the mats and sweat it out together! Happy Friday to the rest of you . . .


TCC said...

Yes...I am a child of the 80's and definitely listened to most of these groups.

I feel old.

Thrills said...

Who are these groups? Just kidding. I have heard of all of them. I am slightly a child of the '80s.

shaggy said...

NARLY, man! i mean totally RADICAL dude! (sheesh, that stuff is ancient.)

Melissa said...

Don't worry, Shaggy...your kids will make fun of your music, too some day!

Rock on eighties! I used to think Sting could watch every move I made anytime. And, who can forget the teenage angst everytime we saw the boy we liked dancing with another girl to a Journey song....sniff

Holly said...

well, i love Chicago (i agree about the 'timeless' thing), but most 80's music is just annoying to me. my hubby however... the biggest 80's fan! you have never seen a guy get more excited to hear a certain song come on (he is all excited right now cause he just got 'Walking in Memphis' on his mp3 player!)!

now, if you were talking about 50's and 60's music... :)

Holly said...

(i just looked and realized that 'Walking in Memphis' is actually from 1991, but that's close enough, don't you think??)

Pups n Horses said...

I loved the 80's hair! And the music...yikes...Flock of Seagulls, Yaz, Thompson Twins and the list goes on... And we thought we were so cool. LOL

Classic MaMa said...

See, that's why I love you so much! I love Journey. :)i was only three when the 80's started, but hey, I'm Classic Mama, I like most things that I'm too young for.

The Boss said...

I preferred Wang Chung, ZZ Top, Boston, Foreigner, and Loverboy. Yes, I also listened to Prince and Michael Jackson and Duran Duran.. oh well, I was mostly cool..