Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Thanks to those that came by and read my review of Your Big Story and entered the give-away. Special thanks to Baby Blue Eyes for picking comments number 5 and number 3 as our winning comments.

is a fellow adoptive momma from one of
my online groups that I joined when we sent our dossier off to China
These groups have provided invaluable support
and encouragement in the long, long journey to our kiddoes, 
as well as new friends and new readers, too!
She just recently came home with her sweet little girl -
head over there and give her some bloggy love!


"Aus," as he's known around here.
He's been the most faithful reader and commenter
of all things "Gang" related.
He found us through a mutual blogging friend
way back when we in China to be united with 
our Li'l Empress and has become
a huge supporter and excels at providing the
"long term perspective" as a dad to several adult children
and now to younger kiddoes added to their family by adoption.


If you could please send me your mailing address via private email (attached to my profile if you click on the left sidebar where it says "The Gang's Momma"), I'll be happy to mail out the books as soon as possible. Enjoy the time spent reading them to your sweet little ones - I'll be praying that the story unfolds HIS RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF HIS PEOPLE to you all when you read together!

For those who didn't win but would still like a copy of this great little book, please head over to Amazon and  purchase your own copy now. You won't regret it!

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Aus said...

Thanks GM - I'm looking forward to it!!

Oh - and I only follow people who "get it" - k? ;)

hugs - aus and co.