Thursday, March 14, 2013

All Tuckered Out

I despise running a day of errands in the rain but in all of the excitement of news about our really quick Article 5 turn-around, I neglected to check the forecast to plan my week. So when I woke Tuesday, ready  to hit the road with my list of To Do's and saw the rain coming down sideways, I made the executive decision to postpone. I enjoy that particular aspect of being a stay-at-home mom - the ability to flex my own schedule and "be the boss of me." It helps to balance out the less-than-enjoyable aspects of being home full-time.

I woke up to a bright, sunny Wednesday. I felt almost giddy with the excitement of a clear forecast. Until I stepped outside into the wind. Brrrrrr. The chill went right to my bones. But it wasn't raining and I had STUFF.TO.DO. I ran a bunch of quick errands while Li'l Empress was in school and couldn't believe how much I got done so early. Early, as in, sit in the school parking lot and play with my phone for a few quiet minutes alone. Quietly. By myself. Heh. Wonders will never cease.

Li'l E and I enjoyed a quick lunch back at home and hit the road again for the remainder of my errands. I'm hunting for a good pair of running shoes for our trip to China... After my stop today, I think I maybe should have started looking earlier. Sheesh, there were some seriously expensive and really ugly sneakers out there. Ugh. This might be a harder thing to knock off the "To Do" list than I planned.

We then headed off to our local Aldi. Do you know about Aldi? I love that store. I filled my cart to precariously overflowing - including the bottom rack! - all for less than $240. That's INCLUDING two really cute canvas totes to help solve some of our toy storage issues in Li'l E and Mei Mei's room. I'm not nearly stocked up ENOUGH to keep the kids in food and resources while we are gone, but I sure made a dent in the effort today!

Finally back at home, I supervised the kids' duty of putting it all away while multi-tasking on emails, kitchen clean-up and "Pope Watch."  (I'm not Catholic but I am a total news nerd!) Once that was all done and things quieted down a bit, I looked across the room and spied this sweet scene.

Seems I tuckered Li'l Empress out with all our stopping and shopping. Sheesh, she was only there for half of it. I have no idea what Maggie's excuse is. Beyond the fact that she's always game to help someone relax and re-charge if they sit still long enough! Don't they look cozy together?!


Aus said...

Morning GM - I love this part of the adoption journey - well - not "love" but love - it at least beats the waiting!

As for the Pope - being Catholic - and actually Franciscan - and actually having been in the Seminary for 7 years...

I found it fascinating that a Jesuit would choose a name honoring the founder of the Franciscan order (Francis of Assisi) - it's kind of like a "liberal democrat" becoming a "conservative republican" (to put things in "lay" terms). I'm hoping this brings a "new era" to the Church. Also remarkable that they selected an older guy (76) - it's almost like the selected an interium pope. ah well - time will show!

hugs - now quick screwing around and go pack!! ;)

aus and co.

Joan said...

We really like Aldi too, saves us a bunch!
Your kitty is so fluffy!