Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bustin' A Move!!!!!

Okay, so at about 12:30 or 1 this afternoon, I sat down to explain to you all here (in non-adoption-ese!) that FINALLY our long-delayed case had been logged in to the National Visa Center (in New Hampshire having finally been sent from the Immigrations Center in Kansas City) and assigned a case number. 

That was exciting enough news for this momma, as our case had been delayed by almost two full weeks of things like two major blizzards and a erroneous shipping method. Just thrown in there for the fun of it.

Yes, seriously. Let me explain.

In the couple weeks since I last shared here about our adoption process, we found out that our case was sent to the mail room of the Immigrations Office on the 25th of February, only to be held over and not sent out to the N.V.C. until the evening of the 28th.

THEN, in the process of tracking the package, we found out that it was SUPPOSED to be sent by 2-day air (as their standard course of action) but had INSTEAD been sent by UPS Ground (1-5 day delivery). There hasn't been a lot of laughing about this story lately here.

BUT, just as I was finalizing the update (translating it from the adoption-ese that I speak in my adoptive moms' groups on F@cebook), I got a text from The Boss that the NVC actually had JUST sent the long-awaited visa approval for Mei Mei via a cabled *pdf* off to the U.S. Consulate in China!

Logged in, assigned, AND approved and sent on to the Consulate in ONE DAY. That almost NEVER happens.

YAHOOO! We are sooo relieved and excited to be finally heading toward the long-anticipated wait for travel times....

Here's the handy-dandy visual for you again.... In one day, we went from Step 9/10 (and all the little steps involved within that process) to now waiting for Steps 11 and 12!!!! That little packet is bustin' a move, my friends!!!!!

In adoption lingo, we've been CABLED, baby :)
I am starting to believe that I'm goin' to see my baby before she turns two!

Come back tomorrow, I'll show ya 
what Li'l Empress was up to
all day Wednesday....


Vicki said...

Yay! What exciting news!

Scott and Jane said...

I can't believe we were just talking about this and now you got an added bonus!!! That's fantastic.

Aus said...

HOORAH - travel over spring break? ;)

snoopy dance - and hugs -

aus and co.