Monday, January 28, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The good news is that we just found out (via tracking) that the Supp 1 form from Shaggy (sent a little more than a week ago from Cambodia) was recorded in US Customs on Saturday and processed at a "domestic location." So we know it made it to the US!! Once we get it, we'll send the whole Supplement 3 packet to the USCIS lockbox in TX. From there, it will be sent to MO for Immigration/Adoption processing once again... that's the point at which we hope for the local Congressman's office to "inquire" about our case on our behalf.

Once the Supp. 3 is logged in to the system, we'll arrange to get his fingerprints done in CO (the site to which he is returning state-side first). Again, that's another point at which we hope to "make up some lost time" via the inquiry by our Congressman. Finally, when it all gets sent back to the CCCWA, we expect (in faith!) to hear that they have granted our request for medical expedite based upon her needs.

The bad news is that I have a full slate of appointments and "To Do's" to accomplish today and the weather is worsening here by the minute. By my calculations (and the forecaster's predictions), it's all bound to come to a head at the exact same time I need to pick up the girls from school and head out for an appointment at one of CHOP's satellite offices. And NOT the satellite office closest to home, of course.

The ugly of this Monday morning is that Dr. D has been up since 6 a.m. with ummm, digestive distress. It's not pretty - he looks terrible and feels worse. I've sequestered him in his room and anti-bacterialized all the surfaces he's touched already. If there's any illness that I just cringe and creep out over, it's tummy turmoil. I just hate it. For my kids, for me, for the airborne ick that floats around. Most especially for the ridiculously highly contagious nature that they seem to carry. Ugh.


Vertical Mom said...

NOOOO!! Not the stomach bug! I read recently that drinking three glasses of grape juice a day once you've been exposed can help keep it away. Also, charcoal caps work, too. PRAYING!!!

Aus said...


There - I said it for you!

I so hate that too - meh...

hugs - yeah - even Dr. D too (I'll take the risk from here!!)

aus and co.