Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saturday Night Business

Normally, I spend my days following the Christmas and New Year holidays busily sorting and organizing and streamlining our home, one room at a time. But this year, January has been deemed our "Get Ready for Baby" month. So instead of sorting closets and bookshelves, I've been making contacts with specialists and searching websites to educate myself on Mei Mei's medical needs. I've been calling pharmacists for advice, consulting with our pediatrician and nurse practitioner. Making lists and planning groceries so I can make some freezer meals for the family while we're gone. The paperwork of adoption just seems to never end and at times it feels so tedious. In fact, much of last week felt like one tedious, boring task after another.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to break away from all that. A group of us who have formed a wonderful on-line support network on F@ceb**k gathered about an hour away for brunch at a very well-known smorgasbord restaurant. I was really nervous to go, because I love breakfast buffets. LOVE. Them. And because I recently started a partial fast for the month of January. I am not a huge breakfast-lovin' gal here at home, when there's just cold cereal or eggs from which to choose. But put me in front of rows baked oatmeal, cinnamon French toast, made-to-order omelets, hash browns with oozy cheese and onions, heaping piles of bacon and more? Well, I've been known to get a little crazy. To go a little overboard. My sweet friend shared her own similar concerns with me and I suggested that we stick together by encouraging each other to make healthy choices AND to keep our focus on the people around us as our goal. And you know what? We totally did it! We both ate only what we needed to, and we made some darned healthy choices, doing it! It was pretty empowering - especially for this carb lovin' gal who has NEVER met a breakfast casserole she didn't love.

When we got home, I was pretty wiped out. But I knew I had a lot of work-time available and I didn't want to waste it. So I got down to business as soon as I changed into some comfies. I whipped up a brand new recipe for an early dinner with my gang and The Boss pulled a bin up out of the basement for me while the kids set the table. And guess what was in that bin?

Uh huh. Yeah. Sweet little girl clothes. Piles and piles of pink and purple. Flowers. Ruffles. Oh, my lands. I know most of those clothes have been around since we had LadyBug (13 years ago now) but gosh! I had forgotten just how tiny 12 month clothing is. And I had totally forgotten about some of the really adorable outfits we had for her and Li'l Empress. I really had a hard time leaving the bin alone until dinner was done and cleared away.

But once that was done? Look out! LadyBug and I sat in front of the washing machine, loading in cute little running suit after sweet little sock after funky little tights. Oh! The dresses! And the onesies. Such cute onesies! And the zip up footie jammies! Oh, I forgot all about those cute monkeys and kissable yellow duckies. 

There was a lot of ooooh'ing and aaawww'ing and "OH! I remember Li'l Empress wearing that!" and "I remember buying that for you, LadyBug" and so on. The men-folk just steered clear of the space for the duration. Heh.

Later that night, I spent some time matching all those little socks and folding all the dresses and tees and little yoga pants. And I prayed.

I prayed for the sweet little one who will be sportin' those snazzy clothes to be
strong and healthy in the cold Beijing winter.
I prayed for her need to be healed.
For wisdom in seeking treatments and doctors to help that happen.
I prayed for her heart to be filled with hope and longing for love.
I prayed for her tiny little body to fatten up a bit while she waits.
(Don't want those cute yoga pants dropping
to her knees every time she moves!)
I prayed for The Boss and I to be strengthened in our understanding
of HIS unfailing love so that we might share it
and show it unconditionally to our girl.
And I prayed for that medical expedite to be granted,
for the rest of the paperwork process to move smoothly and quickly.
(Quickly might have been said multiple times. Maybe.)

Each piece I touched, I prayed. While this journey has been long and often hard, it has never been lacking in prayer. Each twist and turn in the road to our girl has sent me to The Father's lap. Each day has found me conversing with Him about this gift, this treasure of adopting one of the little ones He watches over and sings over. (He does that, did you know that?) He has never once forgotten her. He knew her name long before we got ourselves on the same page to finally pick the "right one." He knows every single hair on her head (even the ones they keep shaving off). And He knows this past Saturday night, He and I had some serious business to attend to. Nothing tedious or boring about THAT. Even on a Saturday night.

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Aus said...

Great post GM - I've seen Marie and the kids do the same dang thing! And concerning the info on FB - as always - if there's anything (other than pray) that we can do don't hesitate to ask! I'm guessing at the snag - something to do with biometrics I'd say. Suffice to say we share your angst at the inability to do anything about it!

hugs - aus an co.