Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Shaggy was finally able to locate a printer, download the Supplement 1 form and sign it. Getting to a post office, however, proved to be a bit trickier. But we got news yesterday that the form has now been shipped by "express mail" from his village in Cambodia.

Heh. Not entirely sure what "express mail" from a remote village in Cambodia will actually look like but word is that it should be here in about a week. He's going to send us whatever tracking information he has so that we can follow the progress. There's no personal information or data on the form, so we're not worried about security. BUT! We have heard mixed reviews about the state of "express" and international shipping from that country so we are quite literally "praying it in" at this point.

Once that form is received, The Boss will compile the entire evidenciary package (Supplement 1, 2, 3, and a hefty check) and overnight it to the lockbox of the USCIS offices in Texas. At that point, our Immigrations Officer can be notified and hopefully begin the process to request a fingerprinting appointment for Shaggy. Given the time-line that this puts the process on, it's most likely that the fingerprinting would have to happen in Colorado once Shaggy's team has returned for their week of de-briefing. Having it done as early as possible in that week is a much better option than waiting another week-plus to have him come home and do it here. Especially since he'll be coming home on yet another long federal holiday weekend and The Boss has very limited time off to take before we leave for China.

As I said in my earlier post, there's nothing about this mess that will be quick or easy to fix. We're settling in for an extended delay and, again, trying to keep our hearts and minds prayerfully focused on HIM and HIS promises for our family. He gave us this dream and as my daddy said to me in the first couple days of the problem coming to light, "The waiting is the hardest part. But God is never late."

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Aus said...

Great start - not as fast maybe as we'd hoped or prayed for - but a part of the journey (as you well know!) is learning accetance of things beyond our control.

Still - would have been easier for Shag to have moved in with us!! ;)

hugs and loads of love - aus and co.