Saturday, January 19, 2013


So, there's no real movement yet on the process of rectifying the I800 paperwork issues. We're trying to stay in regular contact with Shaggy for his part of the process. He got the link we sent him but had quite a time finding a printer so that he could download, print, and then sign it for us. He found out that his village doesn't have access to Fed Ex. But he missed the post office hours to further inquire about other options. We are in a holding pattern for ANY further action till that form is signed, shipped, and in our hands.

The other piece of the puzzle of this all that we didn't mention earlier in the week is that many of our other supporting documents are due to expire. Some quite soon, some in March. Previous to this snafu, we had discussed those looming deadlines with the agency and came upon a solution that we all could live comfortably with. But that solution assumed imminent I800 approval. Now that that is not likely to happen before the end of February, (Yes, I said February. I can't even believe it but that's the likelihood.) we are forced to make some decisions and start some renewal of documents.

Most of you who are familiar with international adoption understand that these looming deadlines mean additional money we'll need to spend to accomplish the renewals. Some of the renewals are inexpensive, but a couple of them carry weighty price tags. As does the paperwork that we need to rectify this current situation we're facing. (The snag we are facing carries with it its own additional expenses and looming deadlines, incidentally.)  We have been taking this all to the Lord and asking for wisdom and provision, as we know that we will need more money than originally estimated now. We would appreciate your prayers with us over this piece of the puzzle now, too. If you feel led to share, you can always let folks know we are still working with Wild Olive Tees' fundraising program. (Our family code is WHITNEY407. Details and the link are on my sidebar to the left.)

For those who are unfamiliar with the paper-chase of adoption, I realize that much of this likely sounds like a lot of panic over a little problem. Please understand us when we say, it is more than a little problem. Taken all together, this situation is likely costing us 6-8 weeks. And now a lot of financial resources. The concern over the finances is less tangible than the deadlines of USCIS evidenciary products and less than the expiration dates of documents. But certainly no less "looming" to our hearts and minds. Obviously, the hardest part of it all is that it literally translates to Mei Mei sitting in an orphanage for 6 to 8 weeks as opposed to being home, with us. But the other difficulties are coming in to play while we navigate how to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together and then move forward. The whole "fix" itself is costing us an unknown quantity of time and expense because there are soooo many variables to getting that one form signed and shipped home. Once we have that form home, we'll have a more quantifiable sense of what comes next and when.

Until then, we are trying to keep our eyes on Him and trust that He's working on our behalf. We are taking whatever actions we can in our efforts to fight for our daughter and for this process to move forward. At the same time, we are trying to rest in the knowledge that ultimately He holds it all. That He is going before us to make our actions productive and valuable toward accomplishing the ultimate goal - bringing Mei Mei home as quickly as we can!

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Andrew and Esther said...

I've been praying for you, friend. I really, really do understand what it is like to wait and wait and run into snag after snag. But God is in the wait. Praying for peace - and movement!!