Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On a Happier Note!

This week, there's been lots to celebrate here at The Gang's house.
As opposed to the "just get me through the day" of last week.
So celebrate we did.

Daddy's first day of the new job warranted a big rib dinner.

Li'l Empress has settled nicely after several intentionally quiet
and slow-paced days and a focus on routine.

Shaggy's car is back on the road after many longs weeks of DIY repairs and some SERIOUSLY AMAZING time, generosity, and dirty, greasy, sweaty hours of help
from multiple folks who know their way around axels, struts, brake lines, and so on.

Momma started a new "household management" weapon tool.
Hat tip to a fellow adoptive mommy blogger!

 And Baby BlueEyes got the honor of being first to pick a job to redeem his "stuff.

SERIOUSLY... THAT's the first thing he picked. That smirk says it all, doesn't it?!
It's a darned good thing he's so cute.

So we had cake, ice cream, and night time swimming to commemorate it all.

1 comment:

Aus said...

What a lucky guy - and very cool that you put a get out of jail free card in there!! One question - is this going to apply to The Boss as well?

Congrats again Boss - hope that the new gig works out great!!

hugs - aus and co.