Friday, July 27, 2012

My Apologies, In Advance

The kick-off to the London Games of the Olympics is finally here. I'm so excited. I'm a total Olympics junkie. Counting down the days till today. Tearing up all summer long at every ad and every interview. Stalking the sites for the feel good stories. All of it.

Well, admittedly, not all of it. I was planning to have a big international bash here at the house tonight with all kinds of like-minded friends joining the fun. But with everything that's gone on here this summer and the crazy schedule we've kept, I felt the need to go a little more low key. So we're celebrating the Opening Ceremonies with friends. The same friends, in fact, who allowed us to turn our Opening Ceremonies dinner into a dual celebration of Li'l Empress's 1st birthday on the opening night of the Beijing Olympic Games. This could be the start of a fun tradition with our friends. Team USA, Team China, and Team Russia will all be well represented tonight, between the two families!

Given all the fervor and single-minded focus I plan to indulge in over the coming weeks, I'm apologizing in advance for what is sure to be spotty blog updating over the duration of the games.

As one friend so eloquently put it, (hat tip to Heidi!), there's about to be an outbreak of couch potatoes, nation-wide and CERTAINLY here at The Gang's Headquarters. So, I'll see ya when I see ya.

Go Team USA!!!!!

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Aus said...

Yeah - there's been a little excitement at our place - at least it gives us something to watch that's better than most of the junk on the telly usually! ;)

hugs - aus and co.