Monday, July 16, 2012

My Drummer Boy

On Saturday, Shaggy left for Argentina. With 11 other members of our church, he is spending this week helping a pastor in Las Flores (south of Buenos Aires) plant a new church to serve the local community. He will be helping to lead worship as a drummer on whatever drum set or makeshift drum set they can put together. He also gets to preach, act in some dramas for street ministry, and do whatever else the Lord has for the team to do to support the new church.

So we started the day with a family brunch. The Boss went all out with a new recipe for French Toast and eggs. Mmmmmmm....

This is what it looked like while Shaggy was trying to decide if he needed a bigger suitcase or less clothing. After all, it is winter in Argentina right now. He settled on the smaller suitcase. I sure hope he stays warm on those cold nights of tent ministry!

Of course, before he left, he had to spend time with his drum kit. He calls them his babies. I love hearing him going after the presence of the Lord as he drums in the basement. And I love that he's getting to use his gift and his passion to bless another church family, in another nation!

I am so grateful and proud to be part of a church where OUTREACH is our culture. Especially among our young people. Last week, one of Shaggy's best friends left with another gal from our church and the local Christian radio station to minister in Ecuador. Two weeks before that, a brother and sister from our church family spent a week serving in a ministry in Texas. And just yesterday in church, we commissioned off in prayer yet ANOTHER young lady to minister for a week in Alaska.

Here is Shaggy with another really good friend and drummer chick, and his beautiful cousin, Sarah, who are also going on the trip. This team has a total of 5 young people on it. I think that's a pretty darn cool ratio - 5 young people with 7 adults.

I'm not too proud to admit that the fact that his Uncle Paul is going along for the ministry experience made it much easier for this momma to nudge my boy to go and take it all in. Knowing that Shaggy has family to rely upon while he's traipsing around the country of Argentina helps me sleep a wee bit better!

Of course, we couldn't let him get away without a hug and a pose or two for the Momma, now could we? Sigh. I just love being the momma to this gang.

We are very excited for our son and very proud of his diligence to follow the Lord's promptings to consider this mission trip. Please pray for our whole team as they seek to influence the community they are serving. Pray for safety and good health. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will change hearts and lives, including their own. And pray for this new church to take root and thrive, that the Kingdom of God be glorified and expanded in that town!

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