Thursday, October 13, 2011

We're At It Again!

Another home improvement project has begun....

The older boys' room was the first one we tackled when we moved to our current home. It was unfinished and empty, the "bonus room" over the garage. Not even any carpet or switch plate covers! So the jungle theme, however funky it felt at the time, is really passe for them now. Bye, bye, tropical green, King of the Jungle posters, zebra-striped lampshades, and tiger striped throw pillows.

I found this in my archives - from the weekend that The Boss
and my cousin painted the room amid new carpet fumes.
I canNOT believe it's been 7 years already!
And I CANNOT believe how little my gang all was then.
Aren't the matching VBS tees so cute?
(Baby BlueEyes was too little for that particular VBS project, I recall.)

Stay tuned for the final product. We've got a quick turn-around on this one planned, as The Boss took time off work for dedicated focus on the room.  I'm busy selling the accessories from the old room to give us some extra cash to for finishing touches. And scouting the Salvation Army and second hand stores for ideas.

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Aus said...

Guys - I dunno - this is a really lousy time of year for a project - even if it's a relativly easy makeover! But hey - never let it be said the Boss wasn't up for a job!!

hugs - aus and co.