Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {bye week}

Sunday Snapshot

It's a "bye week" for our beloved Eagles. So instead of gathering around ye olde tv, stuffing our faces with unhealthy "football food," and yelling our brains out together, we sat at the dinner table like civilized folk. After a hearty meal of Creamy Garlic Shrimp over Parmesan Polenta (OOOOOHHHHH, yes, it was good. You have no idea how good!), The Gang dispersed to individual pursuits. I thought it might be fun to take a walking tour around the place to let you peek in on how The Gang spent the unfootball family day.

Shaggy set up some garbage cans
and parked my van out on the street.
To practice parallel parking.

The Boss watched from a safe location.

He was very focused and measured his marks
very carefully.
He is determined to nail this skill.

 I had to stop watching.
I think I was making him nervous.
And when he got that close to my baby, I mean, my van
I got nervous myself.

There's never a truly non-football day for this guy.
He watched the other games for a little while.

But this game wasn't interesting enough for him.
So he went to the other tv and rocked the Madden
for a while instead.

LadyBug prefers her solitude most days.
So she headed off to practice her clarinet.
I think I may have forgot to mention
that she made third chair in her jr. high Wind Ensemble.
We are so proud.

I have no pics of Baby BlueEyes because he spent the entire afternoon playing across the neighborhood with his friends. He will sleep good tonight. After a run with me to the grocery store and then a long shower to de-grime himself, that is!

Li'l Empress practiced "Jingle Bells" for a while on her
kitty piano. But that got boring.
 So she headed outside and helped The Boss
plant the pretties and weed the garden.
But that got boring.
So she rode her bike for a while and pretended to race
Shaggy while he drove back and forth for parking practice.

Apparently all that parking practice really wore him out.
I caught him napping in his semi-finished room.

And while LadyBug and I snuck out for a quick run to purchase curtains
for the semi-finished room, I hear that The Boss stole a quick nap too.

So.... That's how The Gang spent the bye week.
The Eagles will be back next week and so we'll
be back in our family huddle 'round the tv.
Hopefully cheering our brains out for our team.

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Aus said...

Sunday = Funday!! Good stuff all the way around!

hugs - aus and co.

Martha said...

3rd chair...awesome...i play a clarinet too!