Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {oh yes she did}

Sunday Snapshot

I've mentioned a time or two around here that I love hymns.
I have them playing in the background
of the busy pace here at The Gang's Home quite frequently.

You know, when I'm not blastin' my country tunes and singing along to those.

Apparently, my hymn lovin' self is rubbing off on my kids. Well, at least on the girls.
Seems that about a year ago, LadyBug taught Li'l Empress the words and the tune
to "Amazing Grace." And last spring, her pre-school teachers
delighted in telling me that during circle time,
they could hear Li'l Empress singing it to her friends.
She even stood up and did a concert for them all.
Yeah, that girl doesn't like the spotlight or anything.

And it seems that, even though WE haven't heard her belting it
out any time in recent memory, she's still preaching the Word
through song to her pre-school buddies.

Below is the daily update I get from her teacher.
She didn't just sing the Word over her classmates.
She made a microphone out of papertowel tubes first.
And then she preached the Word.

And why not? After all, there is a whole new crowd that needs to know the Truth.


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Aus said...

GM - your place has to be a hoot to live in....just lovin it!!

hugs - aus and co.