Friday, October 7, 2011

Good Night, Sleep Tight, And Pleasant Dreams to You...

Heh.... Are you singing the Lawrence Welk good-night song in your head now?!  I am.  I loved that show when I was little. I have delightful memories of watching it on Saturday nights, sometimes with my Grandpa when we'd be in to their house in the city for a dinner.  Hmmmmm, I can see the bubbles and the beehives now....

Ummm, yeah. Back to the point of the post. I found a new blog recently that I've really enjoyed. This week, she wrote a post that made me gasp and tear up almost before I even finished the opening paragraphs... I know that many, many of us are struggling, or have struggled, with sleeping issues with our kids. Adopted or biological. Too much (really, does any one have that?!), not enough. Fitful, night terrors. Co-sleeping, sleep sharing, sleep training, and so on. OH! The so on.

I highly encourage you to take a moment and GO HERE to read a really sweet vignette about this family's sleep issues.  The long and the short of it? It doesn't last forever. But then, neither do the snuggles. Nor do the moments that we get to stop the speeding bullet of growing up are too few and far between. Grab them when you can.

I hope the post encourages you as it did me. Stop. Take a breath. Hunker down and snatch the cuddle time when you see it staring you in the face. When you see your sweet children staring you in the face. You might just find your own dam breaking and healing flowing forth.

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Aus said...

Morning GM - y'all sure she hasn't been hanging at our place? But I think I'm gonna add a little JT to our bed time ritual too - great story and worth everyone's time!!

hugs - aus and co.