Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

This week, we had a couple visitors.
They come every spring.
I try to be hospitable and make them feel welcome.
The Boss feels quite differently than I about our
annual visitors. He's, in fact, quite grouchy, when
he discovers they have arrived.

Meet Harry and Mary.
According to the previous home-owners,
they've been coming here for years.

I'm pretty cool with their annual appearances.
After all, I know how hard it is to find a great vacation spot
that you can count on for consistent quality and customer service.
At least until the cover of the pool comes off.

Once The Boss opens the pool though?
They will have to find somewhere else to sun themselves.
I'm not a big fan of the tips they leave.

For now, the cover of the pool offers all the
brackish, slimy water they could want.
Teeming with little bugs and other microscopic critters.

Mmmmm, no one walks away from a buffet
dinner at The Gang's house still hungry!


Merrill said...

How cool! Obviously they like what you have to offer! There was a pair of ducks that spent the winters on a lake near our house in FL. We called them George and Martha and took them bread crusts when my mom would allow it.

Joan said...

You have such a sense of humor :) I love our visitors, but now that I'm in an apartment, not much around here... We had this robin, not sure if it's dead yet, but it kept flying against the window. I put some stuff along the window so it wouldn't see a reflection, but then it just flew higher up against the window.

Also good to know that Harry and Mary seem to be pairs for life...didn't know that ducks were that way :)

Aus said...

I might have to side with the boss on this one - but hey - for the sake of the wives we do these things.....

hugs - aus and co.

ComfyDenim said...

I love that they come back. ^_^ They are members of the Gang. They just travel a lot. Globetrotters.

And eat bugs. LOL