Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {for esther}

Sunday Snapshot

My heart is breaking for Stefanie and Chris and their beautiful family. The loss of their little Esther is so sad and I can't even begin to imagine how they are all processing it and working through it as they grieve. My Sunday Snapshot is a tribute to sweet little Esther. Her name means "morning star" and is meant to denote a name of beauty pointing the bearer to Yahweh, in worship to the King. I love that Biblical names of the Old Testament did that: point the bearer to the King. Such a beautiful little star, glowing for such a short time but  pointing to the Father in her intricate, unique and fragile life.

So, my friend. These flowers are from my garden. They began the earliest stages of showing their beauty and bloom around the time you received your LOA. And this week, while you mourn and grieve and seek His comfort, they are in fullest bloom and blossom. Stretching their little faces toward their King, bringing glory to His name by pointing their audience to His face. I've never met you in person, sweet Stefanie, but I remember your encouragement and prayer and support in our own, glitchy adoption journey. (Not that what we experienced is even close to your pain. But you were so supportive then.) And so now I stand with you in honoring little Esther's life. And I will stand for you in prayer moving forward.


Ruth said...

praying for little Ester and her whole family!

ComfyDenim said...

Hugs for you and your lovely heart.
What a sweet tribute.

jdavis2 said...

thank you for being such a sweet encourager. and thank you for giving glory to the One who deserves it. so grateful for such a loving blogging community.

Kateri said...

I am so broken hearted for them as well, T! I know how you feel about Stefanie, as I confess to not the same level of crush but still oozy all the same :) I love her and her family and my hearts hurts so much for their loss. What a beautiful post in Ester's honor!!!

Stefanie said...

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our girl... it means so much to know that Esther's story will be carried in your heart, as well as ours :)