Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now....

Last week, I picked up my new glasses. To clarify, I picked up my new READING glasses.  Yup, it's official and I can no longer live in the sweet shadow of denial.  I am getting old. As if the assistance to my eyesight wasn't ENUFF already, my LadyBug turned 12. TWELVE, ya'll. TUH.WELL.VUH. Ugh.

It's NO coincidence at all that the day after my eye doctor kindly and gently informed me that getting dizzy while trying to read AND watch my favorite cop show at the same time was, in fact, a sign of my aging eyes, that I decided to take my aging self to the nearest beauty school (Hey, I'm vain but I'm frugal. VERY frugal.) and get some highlights added in to cover the gray.  Er, I mean white.

Cuz, to add insult to total injury, I am finding out the hard way that red heads don't go gray slowly. Or even fade from red to pale pink. They go white. In stubborn little clumps of wiry, willful strands all around my face.  Highlights help me at least FEEL like they are blending in.

So. I'm freshly highlighted. And be-spectacled when seated at my computer or snuggled up with a book. Please, be kind.

I'm not used to having to account for glare
when smiling a big fake smile for the camera.

And yes, that's a doozy of a sunburn.
Had a third grade field trip to Ellis Island with
Baby BlueEyes on Tuesday. Totally forgot my sunscreen
till I felt the heat tingling. Ugh. That's not gonna help
the aging process, will it?!


Trish said...

Very cute - I like 'em!

Chris said...

gotta love that aging process! ;)

You really love way too young to have...ummm, reading glasses. Really??

Love the highlights....and the cute sunburn.

ComfyDenim said...

You've always appeared to be the epitome of style to me. ^_^

I've had glasses since I was about 20. Near-sighted w/astigmatism ... but I'm with you on the hair. I've got patches of WHITE that my stylist is covering with a cute combination of auburn.

Oddly - it's what I wanted. I didn't want to go 'gray' or muted brown ... I always said I wanted to be just WHITE. Like Anne Graham Lotz or this woman in church named Pat. BUT since everyone tells me it will make me look older than I want to look (as if my puffy face doesn't already help that ...) I'm hiding it. LOL

Love the specs. ^_^

Aus said...

Hey GM - I think y'all look great - sunburn included!! And about going gray - one blessing to being born a toehead - gray or white or real light blonde - what's the diff? ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Kateri said...

BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! LOVE YA!