Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Rest of the Easter Pics

Not a lot of original quippy things to say to go with the pics, though. I was up laaaaate and loooong last night with Li'l E. She coughed so hard she threw up. Poor thing. We bonded in the steamy hot bathroom after I cleaned her up and calmed her down enough to loosen up her chest. Somehow, she managed to wake up perky and happy at 6:10 a.m. It's 9 a.m. and I'm STILL dragging, even after Shaggy let me sleep in a bit by taking over the other kids' morning routine for me.

But here's the rest of our Easter fun for your viewing pleasure...

"Is this going on the blog?"
Well, just for that, yes!

"Hey, this Easter thing is pretty fun."

All prettied up for church.
Yes, I realize we do have three other children.
But they are boys. And they have recently
developed an aversion to the camera.
And, unfortunately, an affinity for pranking Momma
at the very last second before I click, when I do get them
in the frame. Ugh.

Two of the three tables set up downstairs
for our capacity-crowd Easter buffet!

Hiding with cousin Gawah from the hustle bustle
while we got the buffet up and running.

Thrilled to have my parents with us for the day.
So thankful for the beautiful family they created.

Cutie pie cousins, hangin' out and hammin' it up.
Something tells me these three are gonna
keep us hopping in the years to come!

There you have it. The Gang's Easter wrap-up.
Celebrating the Resurrection of the King of Kings
was made all the sweeter for the great time we all got to
spend together with (most of) those we love.
I say "most of" because I always miss my Massachusetts sister
more than normal when the others are gathered here and
they are absent. It's a rare thing to have all of us
together for more than one holiday a year.

1 comment:

Aus said...

Morning GM - glad to hear the girl is feeling better - and Shag-man - nice work taking care of mom too - when mom's happy the whole house is happy!

Great pics of the family - yeah - those three girls will keep you guys rockin - and it'll be a ton of fun!

hugs - aus and co.