Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Raising a Strong Willed Child

I believe I may have mentioned once or twice around here that our Li'l Empress is working hard, daily, to live up the meaning of her Gaelic name - "little fiery one."  She's sassy, spunky, and opinionated. I may worry about a lot of things with this girl o' mine, but self-advocating is not likely going to be one of those things.  Here's just a snippet of the things that have come out of her mouth recently.

This morning, sitting in the right-turn lane at a red light:  "Red mean top."

"Yes, Li'l E. I'm stopped."

When I see it's all clear, I make the right on red.
Which, in my state, is perfectly legal.

From the back seat, "MOMMMMMMMEEEEEE!
You mut top at red. Red mean top!"


When she's trying to make a point and someone interrupts her, 
she screws up her little face and declares, "I not talkin' to YOU."


Thanks to Dr. D, she's now running around the house mumbling
and then pointing both index fingers at the closest sibling
and yelling in a growly little voice, "Wick Woh'd!"

We're trying to get that one on video, without her knowing we're filming her.
She's a sly one, tho. Always sees that darned camera coming.


When driving to school on a sunny morning, I've taken to pointing out
the newly blooming trees and flowers. The other morning, I pointed out
a purple azalea bush and a pink tree.
 She got a little snippy with me and wouldn't look at the purple bush.

She said, (in a pitch perfect imitation of her tween sister)
"Mooooommmmmeeeee, I DO like pink trees."
Like, "duh, I'm so over purple, MothER."


Every. Single. Time. The Boss and/or I leave the house, she demands to know, 
"Who gonna be in chawg?"
Like she has some first right of refusal or something.


And the "why." Oh, the why.
All of a sudden, literally in a day and night difference, we are in the "why" stage.
One day, Shaggy got wise to it. And played along.
He answered so many of her "why?" questions that he actually
got down to Original Sin.

Yessir. My oldest teaching my youngest about Adam and Eve
choosing to rebel against God by eating an apple.

WHY? Because he could.
Serves her right!


Aus said...

Oh I'd love to be a fly on the wall at your place - it'd be a riot!!

hugs - thanks for sharing the joy -

aus and co.

A Beautiful Mess said...

Funny stuff....most of the time:) I too have one tough cookie! When my peers, most who have kids my big kids ages look at me crazy I just tell them...."hey, there are no weenies in the orphanages in China. Survival of the fittest" Sadly, this is probably more of a true statement that I care to realize.

So cheers to our strong willed girls! There determination will take them many places....unfortunately at the moment that place is time-out.


Amy said...

Oh! My!! I have one just like it. I agree with survival of the fittest (at least I must tell myself that) Thank God s they are so cute cuz she wears me down sometimes. :)


groovy mama said...

Oh My, funny sassy girl you have!
Fun fun
Donna ;o)

Wife of the Pres. said...

This is hilarious. I started to say she and S would have a grand time, but then again it might turn into a cat fight!

The Prez tells me quite often he is going to explain to her future husband when he asks for the Prez's permission to wed that her nickname is DQ (as in Drama Queen). :)