Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Really, You Have No Excuse

I have a lovely blogging friend whom I first met through the forums of our mutual adoption agency. We've watched over each other's adoption journeys, prayed for one another, encouraged one another, and advocated together for other mutual friends within our agency's community and beyond. She and her hubby are working toward another adoption, of sweet little Lilianna.  And they really need your help.

Read her post to find out what you can do.
It's so easy and so quick that you really have no excuse.
Please, check it out now.

And while you are on her site, surf around a little bit and see if there might be some pretties that you can order to further help their adoption journey to Liliana. I recently purchased some beach towels for my nieces and nephews and now I've got a few extra little hearts petitioning the Father on Liliana's behalf while they dry off after bath time!

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Aus said...

We follow them too - and can't wait to see L get home!

Hope all the "gang" had a great Thanksgiving!

hugs to all - aus and co.