Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I REALLY Wanna Win This One!!!

It's no secret to any of you regular readers just how crazy, flipped-out I am over the lovely Miss Stefanie

And I think it's safe to say I've made myself perfectly clear just how amazing I think those Wild Olive Tees are.  (Gosh, did you hear how "Mom-ish" I sounded there?! I feel like I was channeling Harriet from Family Matters there for a  bit!)

And not to be forgotten in the amazing awesomeness of the lovely Miss Stefanie's tri-fecta is No Hands But Ours. Really, if you aren't following their blog, you must. You really must. 

But I digress...

So when I tell you that there's a big deal give-away going on over at Wild Olive Tees, and that the grand-prize is a visit with the lovely Miss Stefanie (and her co-hort in WOT's amazingness, Miss Amie), well, then you pretty much can guess just HOW! STINKIN'! EXCITED! I am by it all.

Right? You could guess that, right?

(I must be excited. I hardly ever use pink.
But it works here, doesn't it?)

So. The give-away.  They are celebrating the re-vamp of the Wild Olives Tees website. And they absolutely have a ton to celebrate. It's a beautiful new site. Classy. A pleasing bit of eye-candy for the loyal WOT shopper. Like me. Very celebration-worthy. (Speaking of which, I'm in process for a bit of re-vamp here, myself.  Can't wait to see what my new blog will look like. Keep checking in. It shouldn't be long now...)

Here's the scoop:  Get yourself over HERE
to check out the details of the give-away.

But, please. Don't enter. Because you love me and want the very best for me. And I promise you: the very best for me would be that grand prize. Really. It would. Cross my heart.

And just in case you might ever doubt the pure delight that IS a Wild Olive Tee, I submit the following evidence:

Delightful, no?
(Said in the most humble manner possible!
The delightfulness for me resides in the fact that
my lovely daughter actually deigned to sit
and POSE with her Momma
without an ounce of tween angst!)

1 comment:

Aus said...

Delightful - yes! And I promise that I won't enter - because while I think it would be a blast to meet Steph and co. - I somehow think any of the Tee's just wouldn't look right on me! ;)

Oh - and your WW was pretty stinkin delightful too!

hugs - aus and co.