Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breathe. Breathe. Count to Ten. And Breathe.

This morning, I sat in a stupor in front of my computer, waiting for the coffee to brew. The kids were all over the house, at varying stages in their morning routines. Li'l E asked if she could go upstairs with Baby BlueEyes and I said, "No, he needs to finish getting ready for school." The house fell silent as the Gang all worked towards getting ready. The silence should have been my first clue.  I falsely assumed that Li'l E didn't hear me say, "No...." because of her stuffy nose and head cold. I assumed that she was upstairs, judging by the numbers of footsteps I could hear back and forth in the hall above my head. I sat unconscious in front of the computer for a few moments longer. 

When I got up to escort the kids to the door for our morning prayers and hugs and kisses, I found this on the kitchen floor.

Covering about 6 floor tiles in the walkway of the kitchen. Seems someone was practicing her penmanship. "H" must be the letter of the day. Which explains the silence. That's what I get for assuming.

It's a good thing I have a nice new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the pantry.

It's a good thing I have been working on delaying and containing my reactions lately.Again. Always. Ugh.

Breathe. Breathe. Count to Ten. And Breathe.


Cindi Campbell said...

That is so funny! I've been *practicing* being a kind and gentle mom.....instead of the screamer that I really am.

groovy mama said...

I think she was spelling 'ha ha'

Joan said...

:) Next time if it's permanent marker, rubbing alcohol will take it right out!

Aus said...

We've got this stuff called solumel that will clean the enamel off your teeth (as well as sharpie off of anything!!)

Did I tell you the Valentine's Card for mom story? Suffice to say that as you get older (like me) a 6 foot circle of red and orange paint on the carpet, complete with paw and foot prints, and a square of clean carpet where the newspaper was (that was their work area BTW - the DID put down paper first!!) causes you to grab the camera and laugh!

And all I wanted was an extra cup of coffee with the Sunday paper....I'm smarter than that....

hugs - good work on the counting!

aus and co.

Carol said...

ha ha great minds think alike....Emily has learned to draw stars.....and she draws them everywhere.....yes quiet equals danger!!! lol