Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wrapping It Up

  • Why can't all wrapping paper have the cheater's cutting graph on the back?
  • How on earth do the presents pro-create and multiply after they've been purchased and placed in Santa's workshop (which is cleverly disguised as my closet)?
  • Who has been eating the tape? Do those bows look like appetizers to YOU?
  • Is there a disgruntled little elf with a grudge? I think he's been snipping my ribbons and bows while I sleep. I could have sworn that ribbon was long enough for that package last night.
  • Do all pens have black souls? Do they conspire together to all run out & dry up at Christmas time?
  • Does the proportion of last minute gifts to be purchased EVER match the amount of wrapping paper left in the bin?
This, my dear bloggy friends, is a little peek into my final preparations for The Gang's Christmas celebration. Or rather, a peek into the musings running through my mind at frantic speeds and chaotic patterns during my final preparations for our Big Day. It's not pretty in there.

I'm off to finish my "Master To Do List of Holiday Cheer." Wrapping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, and more cooking. Then more wrapping. I think the bag of Toys R Us goodies just gave birth to another litter. I heard the devious little giggles from the closet early this morning.


Chris said...

Oh the 'joy' of it all!!!! :)

And then it is a flash...just the piles of wrapping paper are left.....

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Beverly said...

You said what I am feeling my sweet YANKEE Twin Sista!! Merry Merry Christmas...I love this post!

ComfyDenim said...

You make me smile. :-)
Sometimes, I don't think it's worth wrapping anything because it ends up in the trash.

Wouldn't that make for a "green" christmas?? No wrapping paper. LOL I might have to try it. Of course, that means, I'd have to HIDE the gifts...

So ...maybe not.