Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Fun On Friday

Okay, so it's been a bit of a heavy week or two here. What with all the looooong posts on attachment and the pictures of sick kids and all. So I'm sharing a different kind of Christmas cheer today.

When I was a little girl, someone bought us the album (yes, the real vinyl album) of songs from Peanuts and the gang. Now, whenever I hear this particular song on my local radio station, I know that the Christmas season has officially begun. It's not very spiritual, but it is chock full of happy memories of dancing around my royal blue bedroom with my younger sisters in our matching Christmas nightgowns. The song makes me happy. So very happy. I hope it makes you happy too!


Aus said...

OK - at the risk of showing my age (I was probably in jr hi) I don't remember ever hearing that song with those lyrics...but I do remember hearing the song with the original lyrics (10 20 30 40 50 or more the Bloody Red Baron was rollin up a score 80 men died tryin to end the spree of the bloody red baron of germany) I like this version MUCH better!

That made a GREAT start to a Friday - thanks!

hugs - aus and co.

ParkerMama said...

I remember real vinyl albums too! :D

And...I remember this song!

Thanks for the smile.

Cathy said...

I'd forgotten about about that song. It's been a long time since I heard it. That was fun. Thanks.

Territory Mom said...

That song is so funny. Thanks for sharing.

Lauren @ Dragonflies Journey said...

T, thank you so much for your kind words. I would love to chat. Just not today. I'm still reeling from the pain of everything. But I also need your number. I got a Blackberry a few months ago and lost a bunch of numbers. But really I want you to know how much it means to me that you're there and praying for Michael and I. We're making it ok so far, but we both know it's going to be a process.

julie said...

Snoopy as the Red Baroon??? I had totally forgotten that song. So. Much. Fun.