Friday, October 9, 2009

Mixin' It Up

When The Boss and I were newlyweds, traveling together was an adventure. It represented a chunk of solitude that we didn't often have readily available on the everyday. Between his two jobs, the crazy hours at my job, our volunteer youth ministry hours, and plugging in to our new young marrieds' group at church, we had a pretty busy life. Breaking away together to go visit the parents or other college friends was a double bonus: time alone together in the car sandwiching time with loved ones. We had a couple traditions we followed for every car trip: he stocked up on hot coffee in his super-sized mug, I grabbed a big bag of Cheetos to share, and we packed all our favorite 80's music (tapes !) for the road.

Now, when The Gang travels together, especially for long car trips, we have a whole process we follow to ensure that no one gets too antsy, too hungry, or too bored. "Entertainment bags" are packed, drinks are readied, personal music devices are charged, books are stacked. But there's one thing that all my Gang members really look forward to, one thing they all cheer for when the bags are packed. One thing that they count on as our unique way of traveling together.

The Gang's Travel Snack Mix

Here's a loose rendition of the ingredients. Feel free to add, substitute, or delete whatever suits your family's preferences. Go crazy, have fun. It's really more about making a tradition or a memory that binds you all together. And, well, it's also a lot about keeping everyone occupied. In a healthier way than gallons of coffee and big bags of messy, greasy Cheetos!

The Gang's Travel Snack Mix
Goldfish baked pretzels
Goldfish whole grain crackers
M&M's or chocolate chips
Raisins and/or Craisins
Dry-Roasted Peanuts
Mix together in whatever proportions best meet your tastes. Scoop into individual zipping sandwich bags. Pass out when the crowd gets restless. Enjoy the happy contented sighs. And Daddy's relief that another hour can pass on the road without bickering or grumpiness!

(Incidentally, I occasionally mix something like this up for game day treats too. I also have a great crock pot recipe for a cereal snack mix that I can share. Maybe next week, for the Sunday football frenzy!)



Aus said...

Next week nuthin - this week is Bengals at Baltimore for the first place team in the division! (Not that I'm a football fan -'s.been.sssooo.stinkin'.long!!!)

hugs - aus and co.

Jessica said...

It's sounds delicous. It also sounds cheaper then buying already snack mix and a little healthier. Thanks for the tip.