Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm feeling naked today.
Well, my hands and wrists are feeling naked, that is.
(But I got ya with that lead-in, didn't I?!)

My hands and wrists are bare.

Because I've removed my rings and my watch.

Because I'm washing my hands just about every 15 minutes. Or so it seems.

Because on Saturday, Dr. D started feeling mild, flu-like symptoms.

Because on Sunday, Dr. D felt no better. Not worse, but no better.

Because this morning, LadyBug stated that she felt sick. Like the shaky, achey-head, dizzy and queasy kind of sick.

Because Dr. D is pretty congested today.

Because LadyBug is now congested, coughing and feeling clammy.

Because these are the only two of my gang that DID not get their flu vaccine.

Because their pediatrician was out of appointments for the flu vaccine until early November.

Because I waited to vaccinate them.

Because when I had Shaggy, Baby BlueEyes and Li'l Empress vaccinated (back in September), they all felt cruddy for 24 hours afterward.

Because I didn't want Dr. D and LadyBug to be sick for our two weeks of family events.

Now my hands and wrists are naked. My knuckles are dry and cracked.



a Tonggu Momma said...

Keep the faith! The Husband never got the swine flu, even though the Tongginator and I found ourselves racked out on the couch with it. Might I also suggest having everyone sleep in different rooms? I slept on the couch for three weeks to give the husband a fighting chance. (And yes, I deserve wife of the year for that. Heh.)

And I'm sorry the sickness found its way into your home. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Aus said...

Hang tough - our clan has pretty much been through it and while it 'lingers' a good long while it wasn't all that bad as flu's go!

prayers - hugs - and hand lotion....

aus and co.

Wife of the Pres. said...

Thinking of you and the little baby too. Hope all are doing better.

You know, isn't it an answer to prayer already that your pastor's baby could be at one of the world's best children's hospitals?

Oh, how I know what medical care can look like in other places. Hoping little Jacob is sailing through to a more stable place soon.