Monday, August 3, 2009

My Vacation Musings

Today is the last day of our vacation. Our time away was refreshing and relaxing. We had lots of naps, reading, playing checkers, listening to music, and enjoying each other's company. We also went here on my birthday to escape the rain that follows us to the lake every. single. year. And of course, we had food. Lots of yummy, savory treats that we rarely allow ourselves to keep in the house year round. Cheetos, lamb fillets, THREE different kinds of ice cream, extra-butter microwave popcorn, you get the picture!

We arrived home from our time at the lake late last evening, after almost 7 hours in the car. With a crabby, over-tired toddler who is in a screaming stage. Yeah, fun times were had by all! So we spent our Monday on re-entry. Armed with my cozy jammies and a never-ending mug of coffee, I tackled emails, snail mail, laundry, and re-training of said toddler.

I'm sharing with you a list of the things I thought about while lounging on the deck watching the clouds drift by the cabin. Things that I wonder when I'm allowing my mind to drift. Feel free to answer any of the questions I pose. Feel free to share your own musings. Just don't laugh at the strange way my mind works when I'm busy relaxing. It's not always pretty, but it amuses me. And that's all that counts!
  • Why don't calories ever take a vacation? They certainly work hard enough.
  • Are you a vacationer who prefers total isolation from the world in which you live?
  • Is Internet connection slower at the lake because it's already learned the value of a gentler pace of life?
  • When vacation is over, do you prefer to live it up till the very end and cram all your stuff into your suitcase at the last possible moment?
  • OR do you begin your departure plans the night before, organizing your suitcases for maximum consolidation and efficiency? I think we all know where I stand on this one.
  • Is chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting just intrinsically better when your mommy makes it for you?
  • How relaxed am I really if I'm seriously contemplating how relaxed I am or not?
  • Are our local retailers' tv ads as corny and ridiculous as this lake community's ads? How do we stand it?
  • Do the fish know my kids are coming for them and spread the word about the best hiding places in the lake? Seriously, not one. stinkin'. fish. Not ONE.
  • Just how much time on this lounge chair is considered too much? Does the same measure apply to the couch? To the hot tub?
  • Exactly where did Jimmy Hoffa go?
There you have it. Just some of the random things I thought about when planting my tushie on the deck to enjoy the fresh Finger Lakes air. I make no apologies for it.

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Aus said...

Well it was a great time I see! I'll just try to touch on a couple of your thoughts.....what Internet connection at the lake? There's no land line phone or cell phones either - oh, and we go sooo far north of the 35 that a sat phone only works for about 35 minutes a day(not that I'd take one for anything but testing purposes!). We're too far from anything for the TV to work but there is cable in town if you have to see something! As for the's not about catching - it's about the fishing (but wax worms under the dock or in the boat house usually work - and on the UP you can still catch Pike on hotdogs off said dock!!) There are absolutely NO time limits on the chair / couch / hot tub (well, there's no hot tub!). And finally - Hoover Dam!

Glad it was a good time for you guys - makes me smile and feel good!

hugs - aus and co.