Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Li'l Empress

Today is a special day for all of the Gang. Our sweet, fiery, happy girl turns two. It's extra special because it's her first birthday at home with us. We are so grateful that Our Father honored us with the privilege of raising this girl to know Him and with the joy of being her family.

We started the day by surrounding her crib when she woke, to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. She kept asking "again, again" and of course, we all complied. She just laid there, completely content and smiling like crazy. I kept getting all choked up, just marveling at how confident and secure she is in our love. Her "scrunchy nose grin" gets me every time. It was a perfect start to this special day.

Happy Birthday, Li'l Empress!

We love you beyond words and we are so happy
that you are part of this big, loud, crazy Gang.
You make our home happier, our hearts lighter,
and our laughter more pure.
May you always know the same kind of
complete and total joy that you bring to us.
May you always feel the love of Our Father
by the love that we show you.
And may you always have that
silly grin ready to face the day.
Happy Birthday!


Krazy Klingers said...

that little face just melts my heart!!!!

Salzwedel Family said...

Happy Birthday precious girl! So glad you are celebrating at home this year.

Mervy said...

I almost forgot she shared a birthday week with me and Shaggy...happy birthday Lil Empress.

Our Journey to Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LI'L EMPRESS! OMG, it's so hard to believe our girls are turning 2! How blessed we are!

Happy Birthday again!

The Crist's

PS - Let's try and plan that get together. I do work full-time during the summer. Do you have any free weekends?

Kayce said...

Happy Birthday Lil Empress!! May your year ahead be filled with much joy and wonderment!

RamblingMother said...

happy birthday. just precious.

Elissa said...

Love that scrunchy face grin! I can't believe she's 2 already! What a special milestone for the whole Gang.

Aus said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil E!! You've brought a ton of joy to your family (and the rest of us!) Always stick close to them and you'll always have enough joy to bring that smile back to your face!!

Hugs -

aus and co.

Territory Mom said...

Happy birthday Baby Girl!! I love the nose grin. So cute!

Becki said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Cindi Campbell said...

Happy Birthday little one. Such a cute smile. You look so happy.