Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can You Feel IT?!

Eagles fever is in the air.
Only five more Sundays
till regular season starts.

These shots were taken from the sidelines
at the Eagles' Training Camp.
The Boss took the boys up last week for a morning.


Aus said...

Hope that your training camp goes better than ours - both our tight ends are on the DL - one is out for the season....I thought it was training camp, not 'end the season early' camp!

Maybe I'll become and Eagles fan - at least there will be a team to watch!

hugs - aus and co.

Kayce said...

Oh yup I can feel it! That's all thats been talked about in my house for weeks now! LOL!

Darcy said...

Okay... My little Eagle lovin' husband is quite envious seeing your photos! We were there to see training camp 5 years ago. He is desperate to go back!!

TCKK said...

How fun for the boys!

Territory Mom said...

I can feel it!!! My hometown paper starts printing how many days til the first game starting at 100 days. Forget the number of shopping days til Christmas. Football rules in Oklahoma.

Carol said...

I think my hubby is the only man in the world that doesn't watch

TCC said...

Very cool for your boys!