Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A New Addition

Well, I survived my first night away from home since Li'l Empress joined the family! This past weekend, I visited my cousin and spent Friday night and all day Saturday helping her clean, purge, and organize her home for her upcoming move. I'm delighted to say that we filled two carloads with donations, weeded her front gardens, and completely cleaned her guest room in preparation for showing her house. It was a lot of work and I came home feeling quite productive. Exhausted, but very productive!

This move that my cousin is preparing to make means some big changes for The Gang, too. She's accepted a position in a local state office that will allow her to move closer to my family and my siblings' families. Until her training is complete and she's able to look for a home of her own, she will be living here with us on the weekdays. It's a temporary addition, and given that her training is being held in a location closer to her current home, it won't really feel like she's living here till late July or early August.

But the adrenaline rush from cleaning, purging and organizing her home has carried over and I'm gearing up for some big changes around here to accommodate our new addition, however temporary she may be. I mean, a girl's gotta use what a girl can use for motivation on these dreary, cloudy, rainy days of summer, right?!

So, in preparations for our new addition, I'm working on settling in to our summer routine this week. Usually, I let things stay "loosey goosey" till the end of June and start a more "agenda'd" week during the first week of July. Especially since this school district seems to be letting out later and later in the month of June every year. The groans and moans from The Gang are a dim din in my ear as I am plotting and planning their days!

Here's what we are working on this week:
  • revamping our chore chart with an eye toward homeschooling in the fall
  • re-stocking the pantries and freezer with summer foods and pool party treats
  • getting back on track for meal planning now that soccer season is (almost) over
  • setting a "library" routine in place, and planning play dates around it (our local Christian library has a cafe and a great indoor playland in the same facility, perfect for a coffee date with a friend while the kiddoes play)
  • setting up some play dates and day trips with my Gang, especially if this weather persists
  • targeting some big house projects that the big boys can help with (and sweetening the deal with a pay check!)
The pool is finished, the water is clean and sparkling. And cold. So very cold. So this feels like a perfect week to settle some things and do my own cleaning, purging and organizing. I'm off now to deliver the boys to a friend's house for hanging out and lunch and get back here to start my lists. But first, my girls want to hit K*hl's for some swimsuit shopping. Now, I'm moaning and groaning!


Jessica said...

oh my, you are one busy little women. Let me know if you need anything or want to hang out and talk anytime. I have to get a new bathing suit too. I hate it.

Aus said...

Oh my - I don't know if (as a guy) I should be afraid or not - but I'm thinking "Be afraid....be VERY afraid!" :) Like you we have a 'quasi' visitor this summer - the youngest 'older' kid is back home to save a little money and while us is working on campus is commuting from home for a change. It's good to have him there....he's so much more a man than he was this time last year - and Blessing of Blessings - I like the guy he is!

hugs - aus and co.