Friday, June 26, 2009

Have You Met ALICE?

I hate grocery shopping. Specifically, I hate shopping for the boring staples that keep our household running smoothly. I mean, where is the fun in picking the best deal on toilet paper? Why can't I keep both the dishwashing detergent AND the laundry detergent stocked at the same time, in the same quantities?! And can anyone make choosing diapers and wipes exciting? 5 Minutes for Mom swears that this new website just might be the key to eradicating the drudgery of stocking up.

I am so intrigued! There's a new website out there that just might make the dreaded grocery trip less burdensome and help my household run more efficiently all in one fell swoop. I'm heading over to check out ALICE. She might just become my new best friend.

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You might find a new friend in ALICE, too!

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