Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Magnets On The Fridge

I've been reading To Be Fruitful & Multiply for about a year now. It's the story of a young woman and her hubby in their journey to adopt two little boys from Haiti. I've had such a wonderful time following that journey and learning about the process of yet another international adoption.

Yesterday, she wrote this delightful post. I was so moved with joy for her. And not just a little convicted that I take my life and my family for granted. Way too often.

Have you thanked the Lord for the magnets on your fridge today?!


Aus said...

Hey - welcome back to bloggerville - we missed ya! But - it sounds like it was a break worth taking - and really glad you had the time with BFF. (But I'm with the boss on some of that too!). Love the magnets post too - lots of joy and living going on there!

Prayers for the last two weeks - the 8th will be our last day!

hugs - aus and co.

TCKK said...

What an awesome post that was. Thanks for the heads up!!