Monday, June 1, 2009

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

So, I've been on a bloggy break for recent days. In fact, blogging is about the only thing that I took a break from. Or that I got to CHOOSE to take a break from! It's always crazy here at the end of the school year and this year was certainly no exception. At least a thousand times over the past ten days, I've looked up at the clock and been shocked by the lateness of the hour. That darned old calendar on the wall just keeps flipping and flipping and I seem to have lost control over the steady, easy pace we all enjoyed here at The Gang's House over the winter. In the midst of the craziness, I kept having these random thoughts. Things that made me wonder just WHY I gave up blogging for the week. I thought I'd share some of them with you.
  • ". . . absolute power corrupts absolutely." Just ask the type A, well-trained, oh-so-cute and perfectly coordinated teen referee at our local "NON-COMPETE" soccer league. Really, Chickie, take it easy. You're gonna give yourself an ulcer at the tender age of 16.
  • There's nothing better than a tradition with your BFF and her family that EVERYONE loves and looks forward to equally. Just ask my happy little heart. It's full up with girlfriend time. And hugs and kisses from 9 kids.
  • Feeding 13 people for a three-day weekend pretty much guarantees a big grocery trip before and after. Just ask my pantry. But don't ask my grocery budget. It's pretty shot and unable to form coherent thought.
  • The human mom ear can handle way more noise and chatter than the human dad ear. Just ask The Boss after a three-day weekend with 9 kids milling about and all talking at the dinner table at once. For three meals a day, for three days. Or after a day alone with Li'l Empress. Either way, the noise does. not. stop.
  • Never be foolish enough to believe that the sum at the bottom of a pool repair contract represents the final amount due. Just ask our checkbook. After several sizeable holes and cracks were found under the old liner.
  • Three contractors working in full sun for several consecutive hours drink a lot of lemonade. And eat a lot of brownies. Just ask my kids - there wasn't much left for them when they got home from school!
  • Awards ceremonies should welcome the comic relief of little sisters more often. Just ask Shaggy. Li'l Empress screaming his name when he got up to accept his award INSTANTLY made him a huge hit with teachers, students and "the chicks!"
  • J*y L@no's final night of The T$night Show should have been broadcast earlier in the evening. Just ask my pounding head. I'm still recovering from the late hour and all the hype. I know. I'm old. I accept that.
  • Mommy on a Monday morning with no coffee makes for a very cranky and sluggish start to the day. Just ask my little ones - they stared at me like I had three heads all morning. Still working on that first sip. I FEEL like I have three heads this morning. All of them are clamoring for coffee.
  • Great blogging stories really only happen when you aren't blogging. Just ask The Boss how many times I told him about the amazing event I JUST experienced and HOW FUNNY it would be to blog it. He's really glad the bloggy break is over.
  • Only 15 days till school is out for the summer. From here, it feels like the longest 15 days on the calendar. You'll have to ask me on the 17th if it really was. I'm fairly sure the answer will be a resounding, "YES!!!!!"


Blessed Family Journey said...

I don't spend enough time saying so, but I do enjoy following are fun to read and it's obvious you really enjoy your blogging....(I enjoy it too, but just can't seem to carve out enough time to do it regularly!) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your life with us! :-) blessings ~ doreen

Jessica said...

Maybe you shouldn't give up blogging for a week anymore. Looks like you had a lot to blog about. It also looks like you had a full week. Glad to see you blogging again.

Salzwedel Family said...

Yes, there is so much going on here. I am so mentally checked out and ready for summer. Thankfully I only have to make it until Friday for our school to be out.

Wife of the Pres. said...

You are so funny! I know I'll always get a dose of fun reality and the real deal at The Gang's Blog!!! Glad you're back. Hey, maybe when we're in PA, we can stop by at The Gang's House! Sounds like you are a great hostess! :) Oh and I do that too with my hubby about stuff I should put on the blog. I have a new photo for Wordless Wednesday. It promises to get varying responses. Think boys.

And as for school … mine got out May 19. So far, so good here. High today is supposed to top 95 degrees … what happened to spring???

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

It can be so hard to get everything done! I can definitely relate.