Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What I'm Thinking Today

I saw this great quote on a friend's adoption website. I've been thinking about it all day.

“If your vision is for a year, plant wheat.

If your vision is for 10 years, plant trees.

If your vision is for a lifetime, plant people.”

~ Chinese proverb

Oh, Lord, that I might plant people. Grant that I might sow strong and mighty oaks that provide shelter from the winds and shade from the bright sun. Move through me that I nurture and protect these mighty oaks-in-the-making, in way that honors their individual grain. Stir in me a passion to push those roots down deep, to teach them to seek sustenance from the deep and living springs of Eternal Water that brings LIFE and thus produces more LIFE. Oh, Lord, that I might plant people.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is a fabulous quote. Thanks for sharing. I might have shared before that I have difficulty with visions for my life.

Livin' Life said...

That is a beautiful saying. I too want to plant people especially for the Kingdom.:)

On Fire For Jesus said...

That's an awesome quote. Stirs me too, in that I want to plant people!!

mylittlenest said...

I love this. It brings me back, again, to what I'm doing, and not to be influenced by what's around me as I "plant people".

Katrina said...

Beautiful, and so true.