Monday, March 3, 2008

Derby Dudes

This Saturday was the annual Pinewood Derby for our denomination's boys' ministry. It's always a very loud, chaotic, and crazy event, with lots of junk food, loud music, and sweaty, hyper little boys. This year was no exception. But I learned my lesson in previous years, and LadyBug and I showed up just in time for the finals. The Boss was supposed to call me periodically throughout the morning to keep me apprised of our boys' progress, so I wouldn't miss their cars racing down the wooden tracks. He never called, and I just assumed that meant that both boys made it to the finals. Boy, is it a good thing that was the case, or Baby Blue Eyes would have been crushed. As it was, apparently he was asking for me all morning. The finals began after lunch, and my Derby Dudes made us all proud!

Baby BlueEyes made it to the finals in his younger boys' class, of about 50 or so kids. When I arrived, he was ranked 12th in the standings of 16 finalists. His car was a souped-up bright blue little number, with hand-painted flames dancing across the hood of the car. He named it "The Blue Shark." (The number "5" is in honor of his favorite Eagle, Donovan McNabb.) The Shark did an admirable job of gobbling up the competition, because Baby BlueEyes place 6th in the finals. I was so proud of him: losing was hard, but the realization that there would be no ribbon or trophy for 6th place was even harder. He cried a little, burying his head in my neck to avoid the looks of the other boys. My heart broke for him, knowing how much he wanted to bring a ribbon or a trophy home for his room. But he dealt with the disappointment quickly and was able to cheer his brother along with gusto a few minutes later.

Dr. Doolittle also made it to finals in his class, ranking 3rd in the group of 50 boys. His car was a finely decorated "Screamin' Eagle" complete with our team's logos and colors. He worked really hard to make it extra classy, as it was carrying the Eagles name. The "Screamin' Eagle" flew down the track very well but these finals are double elimination and the races were incredibly close. I'm awfully glad there was an electric eye to judge that last race he ran, it was that close! Dr. D finished the day in 6th place also.

It was bittersweet for The Boss, as this is the last year that he had two cars to prep and two boys to bond with over the experience. I told him, maybe next year, he can do an Open Class car with LadyBug - or maybe even Aidan. Can you just picture it? A bright red lady bug car, complete with spots, flying along? Or maybe a bubble-gum pink car with sparkles racing down the track with The Boss jumping up and down cheering for it?! Maybe, just maybe!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Those are fantastic cars they should be proud of. I'm sure it was a fun event.

Episode One said...

This is awesome!! I have such vivid memories of my brother and my dad making these cars every year. My brother was a boyscout and my dad was his leader and helper. I have the smell of acrylic fumes in my head everytime I think about those days of the car building. I remember being so jealous that I couldn't do it. What a wonderful tradition!!! And yes, we do need to catch up...but don't worry, I'm completely ok.

Livin' Life said...

That was great. We have been trying to get the Royal Rangers program up and running here at CCC. It has been very difficult and discouraging at times. We really wanted a pine car derby but that was not welcomed either. I will have to make sure my Knight looks at this post. He would love to see this at our church. I hope we get a break through with this program it is really needed for our boys.

Carol said...

I vote for the ladybug car!!