Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorites Friday is back!

I know, you've been waiting all week for Favorites Friday to return to the blogosphere. You've been on the edge of your seat, holding your breath and begging God for your weekly dose of pithy, quirky and uplifting looks at the world around us. I know. So, to reward you all for your patience and your loyalty, I present to you this week's installment of Favorites Friday!

My Favorite Things About Celebrity Apprentice
(I know, it's deep and meaningful, and could very well change your life. You're welcome.)
  • Stephen Baldwin - He conducted himself with a fair amount of grace, integrity, and flair. And he kept his cool with a light-hearted demeanor that impressed me, even when other competitors were getting nasty, too personal or too edgy. Can I also say, I thought some of his marketing input was genius! I've documented my respect and admiration (obsessive fanaticism?) for him here and here. Read with care. It's not a pretty look into my world.
  • Carol Alt - She was the most gorgeous, savvy, and talented women of the whole kit and caboodle. She totally got gypped of the opportunity to compete in the finals, just because "Piers vs. Trace" would bring in more ratings. And does that lady look great for her age, or what?! Ironically, this is also one of the things I hate the most about Celebrity Apprentice. Does that make me shallow? :)
  • Celebrity Fundraising - no matter my own personal feelings about "The Donald" (and believe me, I have enough of those feelings to write another whole post entirely!), I love that he gathered some big names from all walks of celebrity-dom and put their names and their notoriety to work for something good. For things that will make an impact for thousands of people, and now ultimately for so many of our soldiers who need care, support, and a second chance at a new life after service to our country.
  • The Tasks - I thought this round of tasks was really well-planned and very interesting. I enjoyed seeing the celebrities using their skills, some of which they probably hadn't used since they just started out. For example, Trace Adkins running the entertainment portion of the final task - I'm guessing at the start of his (now!) huge career, he did most of his own set ups and stage managing. Brought some of them back to their roots, I bet.
  • Finally, Trace Adkins - yes, I'm a huge country music fan. But until CA, I've never been a big Trace fan. Some of his music can be downright earthy and raw. But this is a man's man, and a big man. I don't mean in stature, although he certainly is that! His demeanor, his integrity, and his passion for his cause shone through everything he did. I especially loved how simple and straight-shooting he is - no fuss and bother about him. No special maintenance required. And I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard as I did when he said "Here's the world's most heterosexual cowboy out with the boxing champion of the world going out to buy nail polish for a GUY." Priceless!
One last thing, Promises Fulfilled is running a fun give-away this weekend on her blog. Don't stop by - The Boss and I really need a date night out and I need me some lamb chops. But to play the contest fairly, I had to link back and tell ya all about it. Just. Don't. Go. There. Please :)


Natalie said...

I actually really enjoyed Celebrity Apprentice this season. And, I agree that Carol Alt is stunning and what a sharp business woman. It really is a shame she got knocked out of the finals, although she probably wouldn't have been able to bring down Piers either.

I agree with what you commented on my post; I also really like Stephan Baldwin. I like edgy. Raw. Real.

Promises Fulfilled said...

I enjoyed watching the Celebrity Apprentice too. I never knew who Trace Adkins was before (not a country music fan), but I really liked the song that he sang and his character is definitely amazing. He is someone that I could be friends with...Piers, well, he definitely raised an amazing amount of money and I really liked where the money was going to. However, his character lacked much. I liked the other points that you made too.

Good luck in my giveaway - and BTW when I was contacted to do this review, I asked for an extra gift card to give away on my blog...b/c I thought that it would be fun to do. The PR firm gave me an extra one - and I am excited to give it away! I hope to have more fun opportunities to give away things - we will see when I am contacted again! :)

ComfyDenim said...

We missed...well, I missed much of the season. I think maybe The Professor watched some of it. There are many contributing factors - the #1 being, we don't get cable and our NBC doesn't get the best reception.

That said, we watched the Finale. I'm very glad to hear that Baldwin came across so well. From what I saw, they did a lot of editing and stuff and he didn't come across in the best of lights. Though, I really know different.

I got tickled during Trace's taped comments about the "BSB's". I just laughed and laughed. And what was up with that wheat Grass juice??? I'll never look at the BSB's in the same light again.

I'm glad the Intrepid group got all the money - but Piers was a mean old grinch. Though - I guess that's what it took to win. I'm kind of suprised he and Omarosa didn't get along better.