Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cute Conversations

Yesterday I took Baby Blue Eyes out to lunch. Nothing fancy, just the salad and hot bar at our new local Giant. He's a joy to take out - anywhere. As long as he's with someone he loves (and yes, he loves me most! I know this because he tells me all the time!), he's happy and pleasant to have around. Taking him to lunch is always a hoot. Here's a snippet of our lunch conversation to share with you all:

BBE (digging into his fruit): "Mmmmm, Mommy, this pinealoupe is reawwy yummy."

Me (hiding a smiling and reaching for my phone): "Is it? It looks juicy and fresh. And that's pineapple, BBE."

BBE: "Who ya cawwin' Mommy?"

Me: "I'm calling Daddy. He likes it when I call to tell him the cute or funny things you say. It makes his day happy and gives him a laugh."

BBE (ridiculously matter of factly, and with supreme confidence!): "Yeah. I make Daddy happy."

I just love that kid.


Bobby & Regina said...

Children are the coolest blessing!! Sounds like you had a great time!! I am older this go 'round, and much more laid back than when our boys were little. It is just awesome how God has blessed us! Kids are here to help us - Emma will put her hands together to pray when we eat if we forget - then what do you say - "Lord, thank you for the food we ate...and thank you for the little one who reminds us daily how blessed we truly are!" Regina

ComfyDenim said...

Oh. Just
totally a puddle.

TCC said...

Totally adorable!

Jessica said...

Children are so cute aren't they? I love it when Megan says things like that. It just makes you day so much better.

Carol said...

Sweet....Emily cried when Daddy left this morning....usually she isn't up at that hour.....I think daddy had some tears too!

Livin' Life said...

That's awesome!!!