Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Holiday Pics

Warning! Not a normal post today - I've got two little sickies in the house, so I have to re-evaluate my ever-lengthening "To Do" list. The school district has a random 1/2 day and we were going to jet right out all together and finish shopping for Daddy, get birthday pics done for Dr. Doolittle, and knock a couple other holiday errands off the list. Now, Shaggy will have to babysit LadyBug and maybe Baby Blue Eyes while Dr. D and I condense our time out. This virus is single-handedly wiping out all my lovely, meticulously planned "To Do" lists one day at a time. I am far too ambitious with my lists anyway, but now I'm feeling as if covert operations have been set in play to chip away at my carefully constructed days just to "see what will happen!"

It started on Sunday, when I kept BBE home from church. We spent the whole day hanging around and relaxing. Silly me. I thought I had all week to "get it all done!" Monday, he was still sick so I cleaned, finished some baking and completed a book that's been sitting too long unfinished. Yesterday it didn't get to me too much. He was just so sad and pathetic that I was happy to keep him home and bundled up with Christmas movies running all day. I decorated the rest of the house with one hand and chatted with my dear friend, Amy, with the phone in the other hand. Today? Another sick kid and now I'm just ticked! There's an ice storm moving in tomorrow and I can't just keep baking every time I'm housebound. The sugar high alone is enough to drive me to distraction. (The kids', not mine!)

Here's a shot of the Gang - back when we were all healthy and well. (tee hee, it's not that bad, honest.) We're thinking of using it for a family/adoption update letter in the beginning of the new year. Provided we have some update to share at that point . . . which I'm fairly sure we won't! There's not much to share while you are waiting and waiting. That's another "to do" that's been moved from this month's list to next.

Enjoy the picture. I'm looking at it in shock - can those grown up little faces really be my kids? It's bittersweet. They are gorgeous, wonderful, kind kids but they are all growing up way too quickly for my liking! How do I stop the madness of it?! I know I'm being melodramatic - but I haven't had my coffee yet, so please forgive my insanity. And my broken, disjointed post - the cabin fever must be getting to me . . . . .

Off to revamp that list. And to find something soft to feed to tender little throats. See, I'm not really all about my lists . . . . I'm not :)


Marie said...

Thats such a cute photo of them!

Hey if you need a family photo to go out in your non-update, update letter, let me know.

Carol said...

Yes sad but true the years go too oldest is 10! When did that happen?

Melissa said...


ComfyDenim said...

totally with you on this one. They grow up too fast and sometimes life just gets between me and my list. :-)

Those kids are too cute, though!!!
Hope they feel better sooner than soon!!

Classic MaMa said...

How beautiful!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Everybody feel better soon. It's a great picture!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are way too cute. I saw the picture with the leaves. Adorable.