Tuesday, December 4, 2007

100th Post

Today marks the auspicious event of my 100th post. Rather than wax eloquent on the lessons I've learned about life, love and other mysteries of the cosmos since I've begun this blogging adventure, I'm going to celebrate by sharing a pic or two of my adorable niece.

Baby Blue Eyes and I got to babysit for a couple hours yesterday while Li'l Bro took his bride out for a quiet lunch date. We cuddled, we sang, and we talked baby talk. But the most precious of it all was having her fall asleep on my chest while I rocked her and listened to BBE practice math facts. I forgot just how warm and soft and amazing it feels to sit quietly in the midst of a busy day with a little head tucked under my chin. I forgot how the presence of a baby in the home forced me to stop the craziness for a little while. How the weight of that sleeping body held me in my seat to re-focus on the eternal. As I was rocking her, I prayed for her and sang quietly to her along with the Christmas carols in the background. It was a beautiful time and I really felt the presence of the Lord while I worshiped and rocked her to sleep.

So there, I waxed nostalgic instead! Enjoy the pics and take some time today to snuggle with a little one or really listen to the Christmas music that you should have playing by now. Take that moment to slow it down and get refreshed. And Happy 100th to me :)


Melissa said...

Happy 100th! You are such a blessing. And, yes it is absolutely beautiful to listen to Christmas music in a peaceful home, thanking the Lord for all He done and all He continues to do.

Thrills said...

I don't like to sit and rock my babies too much. I just sit there and think of other things that need done - dishes, laundry, etc.

Well, this week my Little Guy hasn't been feeling well. He has thrush and a nasty cold. The other night, he had a hard time getting to sleep so I rocked him to sleep. Now during the day, I find myself cuddling with him and rocking him. Oh, I love it.

I need to remind myself that the laundry is not going anywhere, but he is growing and won't always want to rock with his mommy.

Classic MaMa said...

What a beautiful baby! Thank you for the pictures.

I love reading your posts. I may not get to respond to too many of them, but I bet I have read all one hundred. I agree with Melissa, you are a blessing!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Happy 100th post!!!!

She is a cuty-pie.